Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A very strange day of fishing

This happened yesterday morning and it was just so funny, I just have to share this. Before I start this story off. Most of you know, Noboru moved to the US at age 16, he went to Denver, Colorado as an exchange student and lived with an American family until age 18 and at age 18, he moved out on his own and went to university there and that's where/when we met. And he didn't return to Japan to live until he was age 30 or 31 (I forget), and already married with me.

Another point is, Noboru is probably one of the most conservative guys out there. He doesn't tell people, "my wife is American." Actually not that's he's trying to show off nor is he ashamed, again he just doesn't talk about it. That's his private life and he keeps that private. In fact, except for the guys that lived in Hawaii when we did, that personally knew me. The guys he works with that didn't live in Hawaii had no clue his wife was an American at all. A fact we sort of laughed about when we went to "family day" at his work 2-3 years ago. Many were like...Noboru-san, you're wife is American? @_@ These are your kids? @_@ Many gobsmacked people there and again it's just because he doesn't say. It's private as he says. : )

Also one more thing before I tell you about yesterday. As you know, Noboru is not a fashionista. Nope, like I said he hates shopping. Until the clothes are broken or falling off at the seams is when he usually replaces them. So, yeah he doesn't dress to impress whatsoever. That is certainly a true statement. And you know I love him the way he is. : ) Exactly the way he is. Anyway onto the story.... Noboru went fishing by himself yesterday morning. Just up the road in the middle of a huge rice field. But along a creek. Noboru wearing a straw farming hat, lol. His grungiest fishing outfit by his own admission. But he was happy as a clam fishing his morning away. Just then suddenly....a late 20 something Japanese male parks his car and walks over with fishing pole in hand, wearing a very fancy outfit (like something you wouldn't want to get dirty, why did you go fishing wearing that type outfit "outfit") Noboru said the guy had a huge earring in one ear. So, Mr. Fashionable is across the thin canal Noboru is at. And it's pretty clear this guy is just itching to strike up a conversation with Noboru. And regale him with his very American tales. @_@

So the guy starts out with a few feeler questions. Do you live around here? Noboru replied yes I live in this very town just up the road. Yeah I live in such and such city (where Noah's yochien is in) Noboru's reply...that's nice. So he continues fishing. Then here he comes again with more to say. Yeah there used to be not many people who fished here..(wait for it) before I moved to AMERICA. But when I came back from AMERICA now it seems there are so many people fishing here. At that point Noboru said he could tell he clearly wanted to talk about what else...his American experience. So he took the bait and Noboru obliged him and said, "oh you lived in America, wow that's great" Yes, I know...that really is great isn't it. (from here he really goes full throttle and really picks up steam) You know I lived in America for 2YEARS!!!! He was almost waiting for an applause. Noboru 2 years, that's really something. : ) Again just being polite. And no, Noboru really had zero plan to tell him either. He sort of finds it interesting to watch and see people have diarrhea of the mouth (like I like to call it) you know when they just run on and on like they have the shits, albeit the verbal kind! So he says...yes so I lived in Oklahoma for 2YEARS and I fished in AMERICA and they have lakes. Did you know America has so many lakes (well yes Noboru does, but) he just interesting. And smiled. Poor Noboru for being a semi captive audience like that. Noboru said this guy didn't have a single humble bone is his entire body. So he just listened. But again on the outside Noboru is just very polite and listening to all these amazing American stories of this guys! Poor Noboru. : )

So, Noboru starts to pack up some, he now has just 1 fishing rod in left and the rest he's cleaning up. No, again he has no plan to tell Mr. show off he lived there and to be frank about it... way longer then him. But it's okay he's content... he has absolutely nothing to prove, so he's ready to leave. Just then....Noboru's cell phone rings. Guess who called? *ahem* it was me.

So he answered it in the only language we speak to each other. Noboru said...hello? Oh hi baby....(more conversation) meanwhile on my end of the conversation, I asked him, what time is he coming home? And the reason I ask is because....I was going to run to the computer shop to get some name tags/labels for Branden for school blah blah blah and does he want to join us for lunch, blah blah blah, I'm thinking ramen shop for lunch blah blah blah. (again I had no idea what just happened, but I am going 100 MPH. And he is replying back 100MPH.) Needless to say, with them fishing on a dead silent rice field, he heard. So Noboru hangs up the phone. (what timing I had right? ) And the guy is so absolutely and completely gobsmacked that he's just like @_@

The guy is now totally taken aback and most definitely wasn't expecting THAT. He asks Noboru.....You speak English??? "Yes, I do." Do you mind...who were you speaking with? "My American wife." Good thing the guy didn't keel right over, right there on the spot. Noboru said the guy was nearly speechless. @_@ Did you ever live in America? Noboru said... Yes for about 15 years. Absolute dead silence. Noboru said the look on that poor guys face at that point was priceless. Again it wasn't Noboru's fault, I called. And it wasn't my fault I called either. I had no idea that guy was there.

So, Noboru left and packed up the MPV and said, very politely... well you have yourself a nice day! : ) And left. The guy still speechless, just waved Noboru a good bye. @_@Anyway just thought some of you would enjoy hearing what happened to Noboru while fishing yesterday.