Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Typhoon heading our way

So a typhoon is heading towards Japan. The news reports so far say it will be a big one and should get here in the Kanto area sometime Saturday. But you know many times these things get downgraded to just a tropical storm and lose their punch before they hit. And sometimes they get here much slower then expected or much faster then expected. So their arrival is hard to pinpoint. Of course I am hoping for it to lose steam and fizzle out before it gets here. Though just as a precaution, we have taken down our hanging baskets already on the front porch. Taken the blue tarp down from the boys playground. And I have a good 5 days worth of food right now, meats and veg.... and a few cases of drinks (one case of water and one case of straight tea and a few cartons of chorus water, apple and also orange juice and 2 cartons of milk) and fresh fruit and yogurt etc, so we're fine here. We also filled up gas in both the cars.

Hoping it's nothing.... but still preparing a bit, for just in case.

Noah starts school tomorrow and his sweet potato dig and grape picking school field trip with us parents is scheduled for this Saturday, I am wondering if either one will be cancelled or postponed.

Stay safe everyone.