Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reservations already made

Do you remember when we went to Hakone last November? It was so lovely and nice to be in the mountains at a famous onsen area, stay the night at a nice hotel. And just onsen up, the whole trip. Going from various outdoor bath to bath. Well, we're doing the same this year as well. In fact Noboru already made our reservation to the hotel, booked the room. Luckily for us he did, because there were only 2 rooms left, so it is more then likely sold out for that night by now since we took/reserved 1 of the rooms. First part of October this year that's where we will be. Just a one night, over night trip (same as last year), but that's more then enough to enjoy it. These are the pics from last year of course. The outdoor wine onsen, complete with huge wine bottle, lol.

The green tea onsen (smelled so amazing).
The Dr. Ci Labo, pretty well known cream here in Japan, I see the infomercials/commercials to these sometimes, lol. It smelled heavenly soaking in here and our skin felt so soft afterwards. Anyway, they always have new baths out, I wonder which ones we'll try this time around. And for what it's worth, I've seen online pics of when they had a cup of noodle bath, looked crazy and fun! And they also had a chocolate one around Valentine's Day, they mix their baths and themes/scents up for the seasons. Anyway will be curious what they have this time around. I think the wine one will be there though since that seems to be one of their main ones. : ) Also October should be lovely to watch all the leaves falling around, Fall is the perfect season for going to Hakone for sure. We're also currently planning what day we will be heading to one of the Disney's for Halloween festivities as well (same as we do every year). But more on that later.

For now, the one main thing our family is sort of quietly waiting and looking forward to, is our trip to Hakone. : )
And the famous black eggs, yummm. Anyway just wanted to share one of the things our family, is looking forward to once Fall, starts to really get a little bit more under way this coming October.