Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Noah's Respect for the Aged Day recital 2011

The day after undokai. The Sunday that was September, 18th, was the "Respect for the Aged" event that's held every year in the small city that Noah goes to school in. The following day, September 19th, Monday was the actual Respect for the Aged Day here in Japan. And the boys had no school that day. So last Sunday, we woke up like as if it were a school day. Woke up, had breakfast got dressed and headed to the place where the recital would take place. Every other year before (even Branden's time), was our yochien and the other yochien. 2 of the 3 yochien's showed up. However only our yochien attended this year. So, the pink and blue badges from our school sang 3 songs for the elderly folks that showed up in the audience that day. Many were bused in from senior facilities the healthy, genki ones. : ) Also couples celebrating 50 years of marriage were given a gift by the city. You know one thing I really like about Japan is how they care and have a great respect for their elderly people.
These kids practiced these songs for weeks! They tried so hard and worked so hard on these songs. You know, when I was at the shaon kai meeting that time, we heard the kids singing the songs in the school. I heard them sing the "Hello" song. : ) They sang for such a big crowd! So many of the city's elderly showed up, they really enjoyed it!
Do you remember when Noah first started this school? I do. I remember when they all started here. And yet another last comes to a close. The last...recital for Noah for the "Respect for the Aged Day"
Our school was kind enough to give the kids a present, a snack and a drink for showing up and participating. You know...this drink, has a lot of pulp from the mikan juice. I remember this juice from Branden's days of going to this school. : ) They have given out the same delicious almost home squeezed type flavor. These are the things we'll miss, and we'll remember. So, I just want to blog this so again when the memory fades, we'll remember, thanks to the posts like these. : )
A sketch pad, origami paper and crayon type things to write on the windows. Below are three very short videos from Noah's last Respect for the Aged recital. We also video taped it on the camcorder as well.