Thursday, September 01, 2011

Nice and sunny day today...and all the school prep that I did

First thing, weather update. Today here in our little area of Chiba, the weather is beautiful. Clear and sunny. The playground looks dumb without the blue tarp I know, but we'll put it back on Sunday just in case something comes from tomorrow. At 6:27 am our house phone rang this morning. It was the yochien calling tree in effect and the message was "school is in effect" so pass that little diddy of information along and I did. Today is Branden's first whole day of school. Yesterday was just a half day. Today was Noah's first day and a half day at that. It did rain late last night. But again all day today... very nice weather. A typhoon is/was supposed to hit this area Saturday/tomorrow. But by the looks of this sunny day, I can barely believe it. Watch now that I said that...tomorrow will be crazy! : ) I hope not though because we really were looking forward to Noah's last sweet potato dig tomorrow. So we have our fingers crossed for that. So I am not quite sure if today is just the "calm before the storm" or if it did change and switch directions. But I'm hoping it just switched directions and we can enjoy the dig tomorrow as planned. What else...
A few weeks backs after looking at both Branden and Noah's inside shoes and seeing as they both looked in bad shape. And given they are so cheap, I bought them each 2 pair. 2 pair each because they each need one for regular school, but they also each need and keep a pair at Kumon. So, that's why. Branden also got a new red and white hat. Noah did not because his looked great still.
At my local Yacs drugstore during the Summer, I picked up 2 pencils for Branden. 1 Natchan (juice drink here in Japan) and 1 GariGari (popsicle) pencil. And a pack of pencil caps for Branden. And then I started thinking...these are really cute, I should get some for Noah for next April. And so I ended up getting, Noah the soda ones and the Japanese chocolate ones the first week of August sometime. I have been tucking things away for Noah since the Spring. Just a bit here and a bit there.
Branden's earthquake head cover/seat cushion, hung in the sun. I let it hang in the sun for a full day last week, brought it in the house in the evening and hung it again the next day. That is so fluffy now. ;P All Branden's school bags and gym clothes washed. I also went through his room, made him throw away last semester's books and things he would not need, and the things he still needed he kept of course. But I really went in there and made sure whatever doesn't belong in that room, had to go. I flipped his mattress yet again vacuumed under there, made Branden wipe his own baseboards and we vacuumed the room, he did the edging and corners with the canister vacuum and the attachments best for the edges...and I vacuumed the whole floor with the upright vacuum. Windexed his windows dusted his blinds. Wiped down his school desk.
The boys and I went to the computer shop this week and I picked up some name labels for Branden. Noah still has a ton for yochien still. But at elementary school they use name labels so much more. I go through so many packs with Branden. And I imagine next year I'll start going through the same amount with Noah.
Each and every paint needs a label, brushes. And I also needed the cloth name labels too. And every time something has to be replaced, name labels all over again.Yesterday I spent an hour on the computer making, sizing and printing labels for each and everything imaginable. Like I said, Branden had them but with so many things needing labels, we ran out. I go through a pack or two each year for Branden since he's in elementary school. For Noah at the yochien he's gone through only 2 packs the whole years he's been in yochien, ha ha ha, so way less.
A new pack of coupy. So each and every coupy had to have a name label, and then I wrapped each name label with a piece of tape, Branden most certainly helped, we did this together and listened to music in the kitchen while doing this. New pencils also got new name labels. I was quite busy the day before Branden started school.
All new and nicely sharpened. 1 marker, 1 red/blue colored pencil that is needed. And various different pencils, Mario pencil, Ultraman, Natchan and garigari and a pencil from Hawaii. New pencil caps, I made sure he was ready.
A earthquake cover/cushion so fluffy and clean. His backpack and in that Children's Place bag were...library books he borrowed over the Summer and his pianica. The letter said bring nothing the first day but your library books, renrakucho, pencil box, head cover/cushion. (the teacher has the kids check out library books over the Summer before school ends and Branden loves to read so he checked out so many he needed that Children's Place bag to lug them back to school in. He also brought all his finished homework back to school the first day as well and his stamped report card. Phew! I had all of this sitting in the genkan the night before, Branden was all ready. His outfit I had laid over the back of his chair in his room. Come the first day, he was ready! Also...there is a new boy in Branden's class. He moved from Tokyo, I think Branden said. Anyway I'll get more info on that. But Branden said he seems very nice.
While Branden was at school his first day, Noah and I had a day to ourselves. And we spent that day getting Noah ready. All his bags I washed and hung dry outside. And if it would have rained I would have just thrown them in my tumble dryer. But, I did want his stuff to be the freshest as possible. Every yochien bag and gym clothes hung outside. His school shoes also dried outside. I washed Noah's clay mat and clay art tools and put new name labels on the pieces that needed them. Packed Noah's harmonica, jump rope and everything else according to the list. And I laid Noah's stuff in the genkan last night. He was ready. : ) Anyway TGIF everyone, have a lovely weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates for all of us. : )