Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Friday's shaon kai meeting and saving our spot for the undokai

Typhoon blurb from us here that happened 2 days ago. Since I worked that day and then since I made it back to my area with more then enough time...I went and picked up Branden with Noah after I got home from work. By then I could tell the typhoon was definitely heading our way. Almost like fate would have it, as weird as that sounds. As soon as we got home, with Branden...and we all got home. Is when it got very VERY dark gray overcast. And is when the winds started to pick up. The winds actually howled and it rained like crazy all evening and all night. We brought the hanging plants down and laid them on the porch floor, the wreath that hangs on the front door we took down and into the genkan. Noboru went and stood on the front porch and he said come out for a minute. We 4 did, we stood on the front porch and wow! It was so loud outside (with all flights being cancelled Noboru stayed home), the tall weeds next door in the empty lot/land brushing and moving back and forth wildly. Noboru told me...he has never seen anything like this, meaning quite as big or severe! It was a big one. We also had 2 power outages in our neighborhood the evening of the typhoon, but they came back on, within 5 minutes. Then went off again but again only for 5 minutes. And that was it. We turned the computer off though that night around 5pm and kept it off. After dinner and showers and homework was done. We all watched TV. No damage all all whatsoever at our house. And all our neighbors houses look fine too.

Anyway I am trying to play catch up here and get all the things from last weekend up today. I'd like and hope to get all 3 posts up today, but today is a holiday here in Japan and the boys are off school and Noboru is off work, but they are fishing down the road together (some father and son time the three of them) So, we'll see how far I can get before they get home. : )

Last Friday, Noah and I went to the yochien. I dropped him off at his class. Greeted the teacher and then went upstairs for the shaon kai meeting. 6 people showed, if you count me, 7 total. The Jogo-san. Kouki-kun's mom (yep, Noah has one in his class and Branden has one in his class too: ) Then my other friend who lived in New Zealand for a while as an exchange student. Then same town mom as me, mom. And short and cute smiley mom (she really likes me a lot: ). And not to leave out super tall mom, she was also there. Sorry I don't know all their names, they all know my name. And I know all their faces and like them all it's just I know 85% the class mom's name by heart but a few I don't know by heart. We started the meeting right away. And the other room upstairs were having the yearbook meeting.

From 9:30am to 11:35am last Friday. This was yet another very long meeting. We talked about, another gift to give to the kids. A mini little notebook with their names written on it, one mom brought a sample so we could see and vote on. The place to eat has been decided and booked. Some mom was nice enough to go to the restaurant and take a pic of the kids meal and the standard adults meal. We were impressed and it is within our class budget. The kids meal will cost the PTA, for our graduating class 500 yen each kids meal. And yes we go through cost per each kid, parent etc. How much money is left over to spend on flowers, etc etc. It was/is very long and very hard work, it's definitely no walk in the park. But it is for our kids so it's okay. The budget being tight this year has got a lot of us very worried about how good of a party we can have for the shaon kai. The kids meal will have omelet rice, karaage, custard etc. Our next meeting is October 6th. One mom already has been decided to MC for the shaon kai because she is excellent at doing so, and Kouiki's mom will do that. Also, some mother's who can sew well will use their talents and since we are on a budget for the presents. We decided that because the sensei's eat lunch at school daily, so a few mom's will be sewing all the sensei's lunch mats. And another mom who is quite talented with sewing is going to sew tote bags for the teachers too. I am going to set up for the shaon kai, which is going to be such a huge job and I also will be helping with making the place cards and all things like that. We all have many smaller jobs that need to be done before graduation next March. When Branden graduated and at the shaon kai, we presented each sensei with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. However again since our class budget is so tight this year, we will have each child give 2-3 roses to the teachers we hope that will look more heart felt and special and again because of the budget. I can only tell you how hard we have been working on this. An act of really is. : ) We also will pay for all 13 teachers meals (that includes the bus driver, etc etc, gym teacher that also comes from the graduating classes budget.

Anyway after the shaon kai meeting. I had reminded them that Noah would not be at the rehearsal Saturday because of Branden's undokai. They asked me, will you make obento? I said..yes of course... waking up at 5am! : ) They, we will do the same next week. So, turns out their undokai is this coming Saturday. So after we talked and talked. We finally stopped the meeting. We all walked down the stairs together, all peeked into the container where the school turtle lives. And all parted ways...I told them I was off to the store to get some last minute undokai things for the next day and waved them good bye.

Ran home. Brought the laundry in. Prepped for dinner last Friday night. Buta kimchee. Set the rice timer. Then went round and picked up Noah. Chatted with my yochien mom friends again. And left. Went home and we waited. Noboru was home, and he went and bought 2 folding camping type chairs earlier while I was out running errands, you know for undokai. Branden got off at 4pm last Friday. We had the stuff in the car to save our spot. And so did about 30 other mothers/father's and even 2 grandma's!!!! Yeah, when Branden was in the 1st grade maybe about 6-7 mother's saved spots. When he was in the 2nd grade....about 15 saved spots. This year it was a little crazy! All the mom's had leisure sheets in hands and tables, we were surprised so many mothers were saving spots this year. We got such a wicked spot though! First front row, same as usual! It was very right on, we got such a great spot. After the spot was saved...we were so relieved. We slowly went home. And had supper.

I went to bed by 10pm, because I knew how early I'd wake up the next morning.
I mentioned on an earlier post that I ran to Nishimatsuya after Tuesday's super long meeting, which is not to be confused with Friday's equally super long meeting. @_@ : ) Anyway this is what I bought. 1 pack of yochien socks for Noah. 1 two in a pack of Pokemon undershirts for Noah. His classmates wear those types and he wants to too, so I let him. : ) Undokai socks for Branden and thicker and longer type socks for the Fall/Winter weather.
Same packs just different sizes. : )
Multi color packs.
See these, they were on sale, just a few hundred yen. And Noah was SO happy getting these. So much so, I threw them in the washer and dryer that very night so he could wear one last Wednesday. : )
Non skid sports socks for Branden for undokai.
You can better see the Fall/Winter socks with this pic. Very preppy and I like the color on the bottom so it won't show wear as much. They're not knee high length yet not sneaker length type short. They cover the ankle and a bit higher so I like the length for the boys for the upcoming weather. The sneaker socks on the right. Branden wore one pair to undokai and I also packed him 1 other spare pair and a spare gym uniform top and bottom just in case, he sweat too much or fell or something. He didn't need it, but he had it anyway, which was nice to know. Peace of mind. : )
And Noah's. 6 pair of preppy socks, looks like something I'd get from ON or I really liked this purchase and why I bought a pack for each of the boys....not a bad start for the upcoming colder weather. Stocking up little by little. I think next month, October, I'll run back down to Nishimatsuya and get 1 last 6 pack of socks for the boys for the colder weather and then they'll be done. Sock wise.

Okay, Noboru, Branden and Noah just got home, just now. So, I'll get the undokai post up tomorrow. But I have already got the pics on my blog and they're on the "saved/draft" area already. So tomorrow when I wake up, I should be able to get it done hopefully. Sorry, it's taken me so long to get it up. Anyway our dvd rentals arrived here yesterday, so we'll be watching 1 tonight and I have had the dough rising all day. So we'll have pizza for dinner tonight. Just a simple quiet night here at home. The other dvd, we will save for tomorrow night. Pizza and family movie night tonight. Have a great night everyone. : )