Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot delicious homemade pizza

Last Friday night, with it being the start of the weekend and all. I thought what better way to start a weekend, then with homemade pizza. A recipe that's been passed down in my family. I made the crust during the day, covered the dough and left it to sit in a quiet place in the kitchen. Kneading a few times during the day but mostly let it be. By the time both Branden and Noah were home and switched into comfy clothes and homework was finished, I had started up the big oven.
Rolled out the "from scratch" dough!
I can roll these out in my sleep. It must be in the genes. : )
Some mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms and onion.
I made our family's favorite, the half and half. Half pepperoni only and half pepperoni and veggies.
You know this is a sign of a real good pizza when you see a crust like this, look how crisp it is, not too overly crisp though mind you, but crisp enough that it lifts some above the pan around the edges. No limp heavy dough here. Tastes like something you'd get out of a homemade mom and pop pizza parlor from back home. And though I enjoy and love cooking many many different things and types of foods. Pizza is the one thing I know, I can make and make well.
Two of the movies we rented back in August. Morning Glory, didn't care for this one so much, sorry. We also rented Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black and this was very funny! The whole family enjoyed this one. The other 2 movies we rented for August...since there was nothing we wanted or we already rented, so we rented 2 kids movies. How to Train Your Dragon (again) and we rented, Despicable Me (again) the boys enjoyed watching those in August.
The first 2 movies for September got here at the start of the weekend. Just in time for movie and pizza night on Friday. We watched the King's Speech. This was so good. I watched half of this on the airplane. But during a flight and with flight attendants keep coming around, and the kids talking to me during the flight off and on... not that I mind but the movie gets lost in the shuffle for sure. Noboru telling this watch this. : ) I paused the movie so many times it was hard to follow with all the interruptions so I thought when it comes out, we'll watch it together. And you know what...the whole family enjoyed it Friday night. Noboru loved it. It was a great movie. Saturday night after the kids went to bed, Noboru and I watched Black Swan. I saw this in the airplane before too. But Noboru wanted to see this and he really disliked this movie. I think because the movies goes from her delusions to reality again to, a delusion yet again. So he disliked this movie. I on the other hand, sort of liked it. But ehhh wouldn't buy the DVD or anything.

Now we are anxiously awaiting the other 2 DVD rentals for September. : )