Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade apple crisp

Well, as you know this past weekend was quite busy for us. It was wonderful though and I have a ton to say about it. I'll blog all about that when I get a little extra free time (give me a day or two). But for now, I have a few posts that were waiting since last week. And since I have yet to get the pics up from the undokai day and also the respect for the aged day. I'll get these posts up first. The Saturday before this last Saturday (undokai day), I made our first apple crisp of the season.
Peeled and diced many many apples. Cinnamon sprinkled through the apples. Covered with the homemade oatmeal crisp topping I made. And put into the big oven for 45-50 minutes. The entire house smelled lovely.
And out and cooling on 2 thick square pot holders.
I had the meat now frying in the pan. I made yakisoba 2 Saturday's ago for dinner. With lots of fresh veggies.
My serving.
Again the movies we saw that weekend, they were sent back to the rental place a long time ago. But yep, that's what we had 2 Saturday's ago. : )