Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Hanamasa run

The Sunday right after Noah's recital was over, we did not go home, we headed directly to Hanamasa. We had planned going there for a few days before and that day worked out best for us. I had brought a spare change of clothes for Noah, so he wouldn't have to go to Hanamasa in his yochien uniform. At this point, on Sunday was when we had heard that the typhoon would be heading our way. This is important to mention because we had heard of a big typhoon coming to Japan but it wasn't expected to come towards the Chiba area or Narita area at all. So, even the day of undokai, we had all heard of an upcoming typhoon, but no one around here was too worried. It wasn't until the Sunday of Noah's respect for the aged recital, that morning on the news did we hear it switched course and would be heading towards us. Again we didn't know if it would be downgraded to just a storm, which happens. Or be the big one, so to speak. Either way, we were glad to get ourselves to Hanamasa anyway and like I said, it was planned before we even heard of the typhoon heading our way. What did we pick up? Well we only get ourselves there about every 6 weeks. We picked up, quite a few packs of lean 100% ground beef (5 packs). For meatballs, hamburg and family cheeseburger night.
Thin pork for ginger pork and thick for fried pork chop night.
The chicken leg quarters are for roasted chicken leg quarters with teriyaki sauce. We had that the night/evening of the typhoon. It was quick, just throw in the oven. We had rice, teriyaki leg quarters and steamed veggie, so a nice filling meal. Noboru and the boys also had miso soup. After working that day and picking up Branden and coming home. The easy meal was very appreciated. : ) We also picked up 2 whole chickens, this we had for Sunday roasted chicken this past Sunday with mashed potatoes and veggie.
French fries, this 1kg bag was 238 yen? Something around that price. Which will be great for cheeseburger night.
10 apples in this bag and they were 450 yen. Which is quite a deal considering my Cainz store usually sells 6 apples for 395 yen in a pack. So, yeah I think another apple crisp/crumble will be coming up in the very near future. Will probably bake it this coming Friday, tomorrow.
Lots and lots of frozen veg. I also like to buy fresh veggies too obviously, but knowing I at least have veggies in the house at all times is peace of mind for me.
Pasta, very good price here and a big bag of mozzarella cheese.
2 cases/boxes of jasmine tea, it's cheaper here. And that way when I do my regular weekly shopping at Cainz and a few other shops, I can just pick up milk, Calpis, apple juice, Natchan, you know that type of stuff. The day the typhoon hit, we were cozy here at home, we had plenty of food here in the house. Dinner I had purposely made by 4:30pm, just in case of power outage. We ate quickly, everyone showered. And that's when we had the power outage. Just 2 outages, and only for a few minutes. Our area had tons of rain. heaps of it. But no damage. We had seen on the news parts of Japan that were really hit hard. Last week, for 2 days, the weather was quite chilly. Like you'd need a long sleeve top type chilly. It hasn't been that cold in this area. So it was a surprise the weather dropped like that. Some days are still sunny. But you can really start to see that Fall is under way. The seasons are indeed changing. What are Noboru and Noah doing in this pic behind the Jasmine tea bottles? They're studying. Noah's going full throttle in Japanese study, reading and writing. At Kumon and also at home with workbooks and library runs with dad. And I'm meanwhile going full throttle with English Kumon with him same time and with the same reading books I used with Branden. With Noah reading everything these days, he's reading labels at the store. Reading the TV guide/schedule on the satellite. I was watching my cooking show the other night and when it started and the name of the show flashed on the screen...he said...Everyday Food. Yes Noah, that's the name of mommy's show I said. : )