Thursday, September 29, 2011 (part of Shoes that ship to Japan

Now that I'm teaching English at 2 hoikuen's and need to wear inside shoes, which can be anything...Nike, Adidas doesn't matter as long as it isn't used for outside. Anyway, I washed my black low top converse and had been using those as my "inside shoes" to wear inside the schools I work at. However with working and making my own income. Not only did I pay for my own hair straightening a month ago and trim at the salon. I also decided it was time to buy myself a good pair of sneakers. So, I looked at the Narita mall while we were looking for Branden's sneakers for undokai. And was sort of saddened to see that they carry no woman's shoe larger then a 25cm. Well I am a 25cm according to Nissen and other online websites for when I buy shoes. My flower ballet shoes are 25cm. I was surprised when I tried a 25cm at the Sports Authority and it seemed like a 23cm sized shoe. Noboru should have gotten some in Hawaii or Guam. Hmm, hind site being 20/20, right? Hmm. Anyway I do order from once every 3 months or so, so not too often. But enough to get the weekly mailers and to have current dvd's at home here. Anyway surprise surprise, I get an email saying...women's, part of Amazon. I made a mental note and after the boys went to bed, I looked online, fully expecting to find shoes not my style...or out of my price range. I found a pair of New Balance navy pair for $40 US. And I found a black pair of New Balance, but these were special ones because they were/are the Heidi Klum version. They were $70 or so, I forget their exact price now. But around there. I considered, my yen paycheck. And the fact I couldn't get them here in my size in Japan. And given the free shipping and given I already had a Amazon account I wouldn't have to sign up all over from scratch! Those parts I LOVED too! With the high yen exchange rate, I think I paid, ichimanyen/$100 US. 10,000 yen. So only 2 hours of me chasing around the kiddies at the hoikuen to pay for them, and I do love these shoes, both pair, so a great purchase in my opinion.
So, I ordered around 11pm at night, went to bed. And when I woke up the next morning...sitting in my email box said...first pair already has been shipped @_@ Expedited shipping! Which was free. Wow, how fast I thought. So, I did my day and when I got home around 2-3pm that day, another email saying..the Black colored Heidi Klum pair had already been shipped as well. Wow, lightning speed, I thought.
UPS express! Kuroneko is who delivered it to my house. Within 4 days I had both of my shoes here at my house!
Normal New balance box on the right. And Super model Heidi Klum's pair on the left. Hence the HK NB on the side of the box. And she is an avid runner in real life, I often see many pictures of her running in the tabloids. I figure a runner would know what she's looking for in a running shoe. And plus since she's a model or was. And is in the fashion world, she would know the importance of a fashionable running shoe. So, I felt I could get best of both worlds with her shoes fashionable and a great running shoe. And wow, they are so comfortable.

Size 9 US.
The Heidi Klum pair is a throw back to the old school style. And I loved them! Which is why I ordered them.
Very 80's back of the shoe, so cute.
Says right on the shoe..HK NB. I'm sure a few brand loving folks in Japan will know what these are. Anyway, I was happy with my purchase and I worked for more power to me! : )

And just a regular navy pair with cute green NB on them. I will wear my navy Gap sweatshirts with this pair of navy NB this Fall/Winter. And my black T's and stuff with my Heidi Klum pair.
Because I want my purchase to last, I went to a sneaker/shoe shop in the small city Noah gos to yochien in and bought some water proof for the suede areas on my sneakers. Sprayed them and let them dry 24 hours like the bottle says. I haven't worn them yet..not even to undokai.
All in all, I was really happy with my sneaker purchase from If you have tiny feet this post won't really be of any use to you, because you can get shoes and sneakeres here in Japan, but for anyone who has a size 9 shoe/foot and is looking for another option, well at least know there is one more option. : ) And they do ship to us here in Japan and they ship quick! Anyway very pleased with my purchase and hopefully someday someone will be looking for sneakers and if they come across this post, it will have been worth it for me to write it. : )