Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The calling tree this morning (updated)

Around 6:25am our home phone rang this morning. It was the mother in front of our name on the order of the calling tree. The message today? No school...yochien canceled today because of the typhoon expected today. Thank you for calling. Hung up and called the next person on the calling tree. The Jogo-san is right behind me, and it's not in alphabetical order at our school. Anyway, we're great friends, in fact we went to our favorite Indian restaurant yesterday afternoon from 11:30am until the yochien let out. The Jogo-san and Noriko and myself. So, anyway....yeah called the Jogo-san this morning. Gave her the message of school being canceled today. Went upstairs told Noah, no school today kiddo! Boy is he happy. : ) He's now downstairs watching the Cartoon Network with Branden eating breakfast. They're both eating egg croissants that I made for them this morning. Store bought croissants and omelet with cheese and veggies inside the croissant. And a yogurt on the side. : )

However the elementary school hasn't called us, or emailed us. So, I guess the elementary kids still have school today. Hmm.

I'm meanwhile working at one of the two hoikuen's today.... my 1 day for September today. Figures I'd be working the day a typhoon hits. : ) I went over my 2 lessons, 2 days ago. Went over them last night as well. I'm ready. I'm sitting here drinking my 1 cup of coffee with Irish cream flavored creamer. And looking out the big patio window in the living room. It seems to be lightly drizzling but not so bad. If it does get bad later, I hope I'm at least home first. : ) Noboru starts work today at 4pm, and I work from 9:20am to 11:30am. So I should be home by 12:30pm. Maybe Noboru and Noah will play the Wii, while I'm gone this morning. : )

UPDATE: Just got an email from Branden's school just now. Anyway it said...because of the typhoon all the kids will get out of school early today, immediately after lunch. So to pick up Branden at 1pm today! Either Noboru and Noah will go pick up Branden in the MPV or unless I can get myself back to my town in enough time, from work in my tiny red car...I'll pick up Branden. Either way. Geeze, how bad is this typhoon going to be? I hope I'll be okay driving the distance I have to this morning.