Monday, September 05, 2011

Branden's undokai prep, Noah's undokai prep and a debut lap for him at the elementary school undokai this year

Ever since Noah started yochien, we've been balancing 3 undokais each year. Noah's yochien undokai, then there is Branden's undokai at the local elementary school and then there is the town undokai. With the balance of 3 undokais. And considering the cost of all those undokai obentos. It's no wonder next year we'll be happy we'll only have 2 undokais next year to deal with (the elementary one and the town one). So since we are now thinking of next year and whatnot. We decided to buy a rain/sun shade/tarp/sorta tent ykwim. The average cost of these is around 9,000 yen. We've been pricing these. We found one sports shop that is selling them for 8,500 yen, but it's no wonder we've put off buying one these past few years. Anyway, now with both boys soon to be in the same school, for next year, we decided this is the year to buy one. Anyway we were at Narita mall last Thursday looking for sneakers for Branden. And Noboru checked the 2 sports shops and priced the cover. Same price, so he wanted to check Aeon just to price compare. And we were surprised it was only 5,000 yen. However there was no boxes or extra ones left so we asked the lady working there for some help.
5,000 yen, a very good price. Anyway after much checking she said they were sold out, however they could sell us the floor model one if we wanted. And at a discount. Of course. I mean it's not like buying a floor model bra or undies, you know what I mean, it's just a tent covering...and who cares if it was a floor model. For that price, we'd take it. So she said give us 10 minutes to disassemble it and we went upstairs looking around and when we were on the escalator 3 women emerged and took it down so quickly. We gave them some time though and did come back 10 minutes later.
Price paid, 4,200 yen since it was the floor model. What a super deal! And this one was the quick folding kind, after researching these for the past month, in Japan they have the hard to unfold kind and also the easy to put together and take down kind, this is the easy to take up and down kind. So, yeah a great deal for sure.
Meanwhile while picking up Branden at school last week, it was hard not to notice a lot of the kids had new shoes. Hmm, perhaps getting ready for the undokai perhaps? We decided Branden could use a new pair too. I liked and suggested these. However they did not have his size.
Branden saw these and really wanted them. All my friends have these, he said. Can I please please please have these? Hmmm.
Personally I liked the Nike better. But since they didn't have his size. And Noboru told me and talked me into these. He said...come on...he's a kid only once and these really are popular now.
So he now has them.
High performance sports gear? Could be...although it could also be a smooth marketing ploy. : )

Hmm, we'll see. : )
Well the important thing is Branden loves them.

What else, oh yes. Noah. Noah received a letter in the mail last month. It said, you are expected to be at the elementary school next April. So see you soon. And please have your parents come and fill out the last bits of forms for your enrollment for the first grade/ichinensei next year. Noboru went and did that. So, they are most definitely expecting Noah.

Then 2 weeks ago, Noah received another letter from the town! @_@ It essentially said, dear future first grader, at the undokai this year (Branden's) all of the next year first graders are being asked to make a debut lap and run round the field. They will call out on loud speaker..."next years class of ichinensei" and the whole crowd will cheer and the students will cheer and welcome them" a bit early of a welcome, but a welcome nonetheless! So, Noah is going to be doing that this year during Branden's undokai. First time we will see the hoikuen kiddos and yochien kiddos meet up. Noah will be needing many good vibes on that day. He can tend to be a bit shy at a first meeting. So, I hope he'll do fine.

Also a bit more info about Branden's undokai. The note brought home said, since undokai prep and practice is underway they can take a thermos daily, which is what we have been doing and I remember that from years before, so that's fine. Also the note said he needs a chisai/small towel daily to wipe the sweat off during practice, check. I have been making sure he brings a fresh one daily. And that's basically about it. September 17th is Branden's undokai.

Meanwhile Noah's undokai is not until next month. However starting from today, according to the note the yochien sent last Friday it said, come to school wearing your gym uniform from now until your undokai next month. So he will not be wearing the Summer outfit for the next month. Also the note said to pack a spare shirt daily since the kids will be sweating with all the practice going on.