Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Saturday's backyard BBQ and another night of firework/sparkler fun!

Saturday we had yet another backyard bbq here at home in the Japanese countryside.
Teriyaki chicken breasts with a pinch of pineapple for teriyaki sandwiches. Hamburgers and hot dogs.

Noboru brought his lap top outside and played 80's music while we bbq'ed and the boys played in the yard.
I can tell exactly what song was playing when I clicked this picture. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis And The News. : ) Noboru had the 80's music going on outside and I had my ipod on in the kitchen while I was warming up the bbq beans and getting the table ready for dinner. They've been playing Back to the Future so often on satellite, that I finally had to add that song on my ipod a few weeks ago. : )
Let's eat! Noboru putting ketchup on his chargrilled cheeseburger.
Bqq beans, cheeseburgers, teriyaki chicken breasts for sandwiches, hot dogs. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles...etc.
Noah eating a chargrilled hot dog.
Branden enjoying one too.

We had bought some more sparklers to enjoy after our bbq.

After showers and into pj's for everyone, we all popped some popcorn, grabbed some Reece's Pieces and watched the remake of Arthur. A simple, yet fun Saturday spent at home. : )