Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ribs on the barbie

Well, Saturday my hair appointment at the salon went fine. It was quite a few hours spent there. But I'm glad it's done. While I was at the salon, Noboru took the boys fishing right near our house, so they loved that and I also hear he took them to Mc D's beforehand, so they enjoyed their time with dad while I was getting my hair done.: ) These pics are from Sunday. We bought 4 really huge racks of ribs at a place that oddly/luckily carries them in the small city Noah happens to go to yochien in. We had been talking about buying from there all Summer and haven't so we went in there and bought 4 racks. Noboru has music playing outside by the looks of this pic, and meanwhile Noah was finishing up watching Ultraman on the mini dvd player and Branden came into have alook at something Noah wanted him to see. And Branden was holding his flying UFO type thing.
We had roasted corn, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes plus the ribs. We want our ribs well done, Noboru likes his a little less cooked then we like so that's why his on the far left has that barely put onto the grill look. : )
The bbq sauce.
Just about to get eating! : )
A pretty quiet family Sunday bbq. Oh Summer how we will miss you! ; )