Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pool side Summer fun at the Pacific Islands Club Guam

One of our days we had planned and went to spend the entire day at the Pacific Islands Club Guam (PIC) they also have a PIC Saipan which if you've been reading for a while, you might remember we've also been there twice and blogged both those trips there too.: ) Anyway, this was our 2nd time to PIC Guam. We got there so early the pools were even closed, notice no people in the pool in this pic. : )
Yep, we got there so early it was indeed closed still. : ) However people were already saving the best seats, the seats with the umbrellas. We got good seats since we got there early enough.
Hi Branden and Noah, and sorry it's too early you can't go in the pool yet. : ) But we wanted to spend a whole full day there and we did. From 8am to 3pm.
My dad walking way far in the background he wanted to check about getting himself a massage for later.
Yep, there he goes into the spa.: )
We had 4 great seats in the shade and we also got seats with a table and a huge umbrella.
I can honestly say as in the picture Branden and Noah were the first kids who got into the pool on this very day. As soon as the lifeguard pulled out the closed sign she told the boys you can go in. And right in they went. : )
And Noboru going in after the boys. : )
Swoosh...Noah sliding down!
And now on the big snake.
I've heard of walking on water before but wow....sure is fun to try! : )
Go Branden!!!!
Don't fall, don't fall. : )
Go Noah go!
This was a real hoot too. Object of the game? Try to stay on top, don't fall off... meanwhile hope your opponent does fall off! @_@ And as a mother when they're both your kids? Just smile and be glad it's on top of water and not onto the regular ground. So, I'd scream...Go Noah!!! Go Branden! Go kids go! Yep, rooting for both at the same exact time. : )
Noah went Noboru went.
And they both fell off!
And Noah went and tried it again, because he loves water and has no fear when it comes to water whatsoever.
And then....our family was ready to leave and try something else but....a little Japanese boy came. Younger then Branden but much older then Noah. 2nd grade maybe, if I had to guess. He stood on the thing on one side and no one was on the other side. We all looked at each other and we couldn't just let him stand there and play alone. Come know that feeling. It sucks. Right? And so Branden said first...he has no one to play with, I'll take a turn with him, so he went running back onto the rubber moving log thing. And I was pretty proud of him for caring about other people that way. So we clapped, my dad clapped... Noboru clapped for Branden and the other boy and I switched to Japanese and I said...gambatte ne~ To them both! Unbeknownst to us...the father of the boy was in the pool just much farther away and did evntually make his way closer to us and he was watching and smiled at us and gave us the thanks head nod. : ) And I gave him a smile and head nod back. : )
So we were about to head to another fun area when Branden asked to go on with grandpa. My dad's pretty genki for his age so he said sure! And into the pool kerplunk went Branden and my dad. : )
So now we were leaving and the boy asked if he could go one more time with our boys. Noah told him in Japanese, I'll go with you.: ) And so here is Noah and the little boy who didn't have any other kids to go on with. His dad was standing now in the water in the black rash guard. His dad thanked us and we said....our pleasure and enjoy your stay and waved and we went right behind them on the different floatie things. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow and I do believe in karma what you throw out into the world will come back to you. I think if you throw out kindness even to complete strangers it will come back to you. And boy does it make your heart feel good. : )
So now Branden and Noah are playing tug of war. However if you lose more then likely you'll be thrown into the pool. And given it's on a tropical island and it's hot and it feels good to be thrown into the pool. So win or lose it was all fine. : )

Now Noboru and Noah had a go of it! And the other guy was a lifeguard.
A picture of Noah caught in action going kerplunk straight into the water.
And now the lifeguard is ready to take on Branden! All the staff at PIC, really focuses on taking care of us the customer, and really making sure we have fun.
Noboru and Noah going down one of the slides.
Noboru sending Noah down! For the slide parts we made sure Noah was in a life jacket...we know he has great swimming skills but it's not about swimming skills when that current is pushing your down the slide and people can get thrown underwater at the end. So, for us we felt better with him in a life jacket...anytime we went to the slides, in a jacket Noah went. And the life jackets are free and near the slides for whoever wants one.
I hope this pic is double clickable. The proud look Noboru has as Noah slides down. He's a proud papa! : )
And here comes Branden!
Noboru and my dad going up.
Noah sliding down all by himself. Noboru goes first...Branden next. Noboru stays in the base of the pool area until both boys safely make it down and to make sure the boys are fine upstairs my dad goes last, so they sandwich the boys in between, meaning the order.
Waiting for grandpa to come down.
All four of them safely down and to have another go. We did this for an hour before moving to another area at the PIC. I went down this slide myself at least 20 times. We also spent a good 45 minutes on here right before we left.
Noah you are such a lucky little boy! And a happy little boy as well.
Getting ready to go right up again and to slide back down.
And now it was time to go in the canoes. We could canoe all over a big area, water fall area and everything. It was beautiful. Noboru and Noah in 1 canoe, Branden wanted to be in his own alone for the first time, and we let him. And myself in one alone and my dad in one alone as well. Once again tucked the camera to the side and hid it in a towel and went and played. The canoes were Branden's favorite of the whole PIC this time. Noah's were the slides this time.
Next stop, the kiddie pool.
Hi happy boys!

They played and played and played some more. Watched the water fill and run from bowl to next colored bowl.
Yep, August 11th is the day we went here. See Noah's wrinkly raisin fingers? You get that with as much playing in the water as we all did. : ) We were so starving by the time lunch rolled around. PIC lunch bufet here we come! This place is, in my opinion has the best buffet on Guam. And in my opinion the PIC buffet is way better at the one in Guam then the PIC Saipan. And believe me, we stayed at the PIC Saipan like 5 days and nights each visit and so we ate at that buffet 3 meals a day for all those days both the times so we are very familiar with both PIC buffets and I still think the PIC Guam buffet is way better. However to be fair I prefer the pools more at the PIC Saipan. But I prefer the buffet better at the PIC Guam. Phew, hope I didn't just confuse everyone reading sorry. Better pools the PIC Saipan one..... better food and buffet the Guam one. Both tons of fun though and both totally worth a visit from anyone though. : )
PIC Guam has make your own sub sandwiches and make your own chargrilled cheeseburgers. I had a sub sandwich with swiss cheese, ham and turkey breast and pesto on one side of the bread and mustard on the other side. I also had fresh pineapple and fresh cut cantelop. And a pickle spear, so good.
The kids picked a regular sandwich and fries I think. Noboru picked all the Asian options of the buffet they had to offer. : ) He had sushi, miso soup, Japanese dishses, Korean dishes and he even had some Chinese dishes.
No sandwich for way! : )
My dad had roast beef, swiss type sandwich and a mango juice drink. I ended up switching to the same drink my dad had. They also have free beer on tap. Flavored name it...the PIC Guam has it. My dad also had gumbo in the soup bowl.
A whole table dedicated to desserts. I have been working out like a fiend or a crazy person since January of this year. I've definitely lost weight (2 full sizes down and if my skirts get any baggier it will be 3 sizes down). And I'm quite proud. I had over 1,000 fitness minutes for July and also over 1,000 for August and I'm still at it. In fact I've had over 1,000 fitness minutes each month since January 2011! And that is something to be proud of. I decided while I was at the buffet....this would be my one meal that I will just let myself go. The whole trip, I still watched what I ate. Watched my portions and everything. But this one meal while at the PIC buffet I said...I am going to enjoy this and I'm not going to beat myself up for it. And I did. I didn't eat anything else but the sandwich and stuff from the picture above. Oh wait I did go and get a smaller plate of more fresh fruit. But after that I said...time for me to make a dent in the dessert table. So, I walked around and I got some things.
Branden had 1 bowl of icecream which is pictured and now was about to eat 1 slice of pumpkin pie and 2 slices of apple pie. Noah had the sandwich and the ice cream cup and was done food wise, he just can't eat so much poor kid. But look at Noah's face. he's looking at Branden's thinking...holy smokes is my brother really going to eat all that? : ) Yep he did. Good thing he's a growing active boy. Burnt it off during all that play I imagine.
After Noboru finished about 5 plates of food. He had dessert. Vanilla icecream and fresh pineapple.
My dad was still at it food wise. Lots of veggies and pasta dishes.
I thought to as many as you can. Apparently my meal with no limits did have limits go figure. I had 1 chocolate chip cookie one bite of an oatmeal raisin cookie, 1 slice of pumpkin pie and 1 slice of chocolate pudding pie. That pudding pie was soo good. After this...I was out! Here I was...unlimited food...I gave myself a go for it green light.... for that meal. And my stomach was full, I couldn't eat anything more. Yep, 1 sandwich.....fruit and this. Oh well, I tried. And I did enjoy myself.
Branden on the other hand went back for more....colorful jello and a strawberry roll cake. Meanwhile Noah fell asleep. He was like Weekend at Bernie's. Like a dead body sitting there. We always left 1 person at the table to guard Noah as he slept. But yep, he missed most of lunch. : )
Look at all the bread to choose from and the sandwich spread.
Pesto, mayo, mustard, swiss cheese, they also had American cheese. And all the cold cuts, deli meats for the sandwiches.
Raw onion for sandwiches because that's pretty normal in Amerca. : ) And tomatoes.

Noboru never visited the sandwich or burger bar, he was here...the sushi bar area. : )
And I couldn't even eat the oatmeal cookie though I did force myself to have 1 bite at least though.
As soon as Noboru carried Noah out of the restaurant he woke right up. Go figure. And he was ready for play all over again. We enjoyed the heck out of our day. In fact we enjoyed our whole time there. Also....another day we went to the beach after watching the morning Smurf's movie. We just honestly were very active there, we swam a lot, we went to a lot of movies and we enjoyed the Pacific islands Club quite a bit. The day we left Guam, we left with a light and happy heart, we had played so much, enjoyed and saw so much and the boys spent so much time with my dad. We also were able to spoil my dad some for his birthday. Though his birthday was August 3rd and we were there from the 9th and beyond. So we were late but....we made sure to celebrate it up right wiht my dad. My dad got a brand new pair of swim trunks really cool and bright green swim trunks. And my dad also got a new book that he's been wanting to read, he was also sent things from my aunts and uncles in Denver too. My dad loves to read books. Plus he just enjoyed being with us and he had told us that being there was already the best birthday gift we could give him. So he enjoyed a delayed but worth it celebration with us. Anyway there you go, that was our last vacation for the Summer of 2011! : )