Monday, August 01, 2011

Our trip to Guam last week

Yep, we left to Guam last Saturday and got back last Sunday. Last Friday Noboru got home from work, he said..we should go to Guam tomorrow the flight's open. The kids could see your dad and we can go to the Home Depot and get those ceiling fans we've been thinking about. I said, sounds good but let me call my dad to see if he's available, because he travels often and is pretty active in his church. I called and he said sounded perfect to him and he'd go and make up the spare bedroom for us (that's huge and has 2 full size beds). Cool! I packed 2 outfits for Noah and 1 pair of pj's. 2 outfits for Branden and 1 pair of pj's and they each carried them in their own backpacks. As well as their DS games and chargers. I threw 1 Summer dress and Summery cardi and 1 pair of shorts and a top in my carry-on and my make up bag and flat iron. Noboru packed his bag. And the next morning we left. 3 short hours later we arrived. We went to Home Depot and pondered every ceiling fan known to man in there. We knew we wanted white since our inside house colors are a nice simple white. So we walked and thought, debated this one to that one and finally we picked 4 ceiling fans, we originally came for 3, but ended up with 4.
Hi boys! : )
Grandpa and Noah.
We also stopped at the 2 Cost u less stores. And then took the stuff back to my dad's condo and into the fridge and freezer they went. And then we went for an early dinner. The sun was still up but it set while we were inside though.
Baked potato soup...and fresh baked bread with garlic butter.
My meal...original baby back ribs, baked potato with cheese and baked beans.
Noah had the chicken. And Branden had the original baby back kids meal. Think he'll have to start eating the regular sized meal soon.
Noboru had the extra spicy baby back ribs and my dad had the original baby back. We honestly had a blast there at the restaurant. When we asked the kids...what was your favorite part of the whole trip, they both agreed it was Tony Roma's hands down. I had to agree. We talked, chatted, joked with ourselves and also with the wait staff. We laughed...talked some more. Got refilled drinks a few more times. ....and finally left. We had a great time there! We went home....watched TV and hit the hay.
The next morning...we all got dressed and went to Wendy's for some breakfast. I had this. The applewood bacon is so good and crisp.
Branden and Noah eating and drinking their chocolate milks.
We hung around and then it started to rain quite heavily. By now it was about noon, so we went to Pizza Hut and had a large pepperoni and mushroom pan pizza and drink bar. My dad's shirt has a few drops of rain on it in this pic..actually all of us were a little wet from running from the SUV to the restaurant.
After lunch, we went back to my dad's and grabbed our suitcases and left. It was a very nice, albeit very short trip. It was still raining even when we got to the airport.
Arriving at Narita airport and waiting for the "car sitter" shuttle to pick us up. They picked us up...they drove us to their place and our minivan was waiting.
We didn't bring back a whole lot. We went for the celing fans plain and simple and anything else was just a bonus wasn't really a shopping trip. Just a ceiling fan run. And a nice 24 hours with my dad. : )
Noboru brought back 2 slip and slides. They were $5 each and he said...that's about 300 yen each.
Ceiling fans.
They are now all hanging. 1 in each of the boys rooms. And 2 in the living room. And yep, you can see the one in the dining area we brought back from Guam when the house was first built. They circulate the coolness in the Summer and circulate the heat in the winter, they are so awesome. Especially since ours are reversible...not all ceiling fans move both ways. Some have blades that move only 1 way. Ours go both ways, which is what we wanted totally.
Noah has a full body booster seat in the MPV. And our smaller booster we had and used for my little red car which was left in the rental car in Hawaii. @_@ Yep...nobodies perfect. With all the luggage and with getting ourselves into the shuttle that day we forgot it. No worries, since then we've been moving the full body booster from car to car whatever car Noah is riding in. It has been quite the hassle but we do it because of the safety issue. When we were in Guam we said...let's just make life back to easier and get another seat. We had always had 2 seats for Noah. And we needed to have 2 again. Because playing musical booster seats meaning moving back and forth to the MPV to my car. Was just getting too much. So, we got was his weight requirement. And it was a nice one, thick and comfortable and a great price.
My dad got these for the boys. The boys have been having a blast with the dancing games. And so they picked the Michael Jackson one. This is so much fun. The Super Smash Bros. game they love so much too. And the other one is used and we don't mind used in the's a Ben 10 game on the Wii. Branden LOVES that game.
Chocolate treats for family movie night. And the tic tacs are for me.
Chili beans, raviolis, baked beans for bbq, and pasta sauce.
The teriyaki with a pinch of pineapple are for the teriyaki grilled chicken sandwiches we'll be grilling on the bbq this summer. More bbq sauce for the ribs we'll be eating this month. And the ranch for dipping buffalo wings in and generic Irish creamer for coffee and sliced pickles..this was the only brand I could find in a plastic container.
The stuffing, I'm keeping for Fall. Mac and cheese and beans if I want to make tostadas or something this Fall. Yes, I am starting to think about Fall foods. I know I'm a bit too early.
Again thinking of when the Fall comes... we got 4 more cake mixes, not counting the 1 cake mix we got in Hawaii. For the Fall baking season. Chocolate frosting. And Mrs. Butterworth's.
Popcorn for family movie night. Can be found in Costco in Japan, but since we were here...we got it. Crackers and cheese for the boys. Chips for the boys (these chips were for a snack for the way back to Japan but they got so many snacks in the plane these went uneaten, go figure)
Again thinking about Fall, and rice krispie treats. But, I bought the generic marshmallows and generic krispies. Again don't mind generic in the least..and if I can get twice the amount and for half cheaper, more power to me. : )
Suave ocean body wash and St Ives green tea body wash, q-tips, liked the box these were in. And misc, girly things.
Big bottle of shampoo..a Suave knock off..of the Matrix I think. Suave conditoner Shea buter. And 2 bottles of body lotion.
Olay shea butter and St Ives coconut milk and orchid. That coconut milk and orchid one smells amazing. Like a real true coconut, and a nice light coconut at that, because of the added orchid. I am pretty picky about the coconuts some can smell fake and too heavy. This one is great. A very light one.
Deodroant and cinamon toothpaste again.

Mac studio fix and concelaer in NC15.
Noboru got this water timer from Home Depot, this is now his 3rd timer. He has 1 for the plants on the porch, and 2 for the backyard.
Cheese. In a way I wished I lived closer to Costco here in Japan. But in a way I'm so glad I live where I live in the nice peaceful country side. And heck...however we can get cheese, it all works.
Stuffed shells. Wrapped in towels, they were still frozen when we got back to Japan. The main thing is...we enjoyed our time with my dad. And we brought back the ceiling fans, not a whole lot of food but that's okay. : ) And we'll be going back to Guam pretty soon. And we'll be staying 3 nights, 4 days at my dad's. Not planning to do any shopping. Just planning to eat good food. Swim, watch Branden and Noah play on the beach with all of us, and head to the Pacific Island Club (PIC) pools for one of the days we are there. They have tons of cool pools and you can go there and swim for the day if you want, even if you aren't a guest of the hotel. We'll be paying the day rate for just the pool usage. And we'd also like to go to some movies. Anyway...that's what we did last Saturday and last Sunday. : )