Thursday, August 04, 2011

Last Saturday's really fun day! The morning dashi pull and the evening Summer festival in our housing community. Plus a backyard bbq and fireworks!

Yep, everything in the title of this post happened on 1 single day. : ) Happened last Saturday. Let's see, the morning dashi pull started at 10am. But the kids had to be there at 9:45am. 15 minutes earlier, to give the ladies 1 pet bottle of frozen water for each child. It was needed for make shift ice. To keep the ice cream cool. At 9:39am we walked up through the ped walkways and made our way to the meeting spot. Noah peeking through our tennis courts in our housing community. Early that morning.
Branden fanning people down! : )
Noah pulling the dashi. Noboru standing along side.
Branden and Noah. A lovely 9 year old and a 6 year old! : )

The community center for our housing community. You can take hula here. And all sorts of cool stuff here, if you live here. It's a cool place to live. : )
The kids walk all around the right side of park area/tennis court area, then come back and walk the other side. Now they were walking the other side.
And then back and when the kids give back the bells and tenugui/sash around neck type thing ykwim. Is when they get the snack pack and ice cream.
The snacks inside the snack packs.
After the morning dashi pull was over. We all came home. Hung out and relaxed. The festival that evening was to start at 4pm. So, at 2:30pm, we started the bbq grill out in the backyard. And put the marinated meat on the grill. I had chopped and marinated the meat earlier during the day. Then went back to watching the boys play Wii dancing type games during the day time.
Dinner was so good!
All the lettuce is nearly gone in this pic. And Noah was so stuffed and bursting at the seams from dinner he had put his plate in the dishwasher already.
It started at 4pm. But we headed down there around 4:30pm. The boys walking one of the many pedestrian walkways in the community to the park area.
When it's all lit up at night with the walkway lights, it's so pretty. We were all stuffed from dinner and walked up to check out the festival.
A pool with ice was a great way to keep the drinks for sale, cold!
Some kids playing a game.
And another game behind the drink pool.
The 2 girls on the right are Branden's classmates. And the one in the yukata is the girl who wrote Branden that love letter. She doesn't live in our housing community but in a housing community across the way. Anyone can join the night time festival. : )
The cutest yukata contest. Branden won that a few years ago for his jinbei if you recall, lol.
Branden and Noah enjoying some cotton candy.
Noboru was stuffed but the person selling the oden happened to be a member of the "father's club" with Noboru and he told've got to have some, my wife made it. How could he possibly decline an offer like that? : )
Branden eating his peach shave ice/kakigori.
Noah eating his peach shave ice.
And me eating my peach shave ice, with the boys.
A very pale peachy color. This was so good!
We had a seat but then Noboru's hard to see the stage area. I agreed, so we gave up the table we had luckily found. And went and sat down along the curb side where we had a much better view of all the performers.
The boys bought these chips.
Drummers drumming. ; )
The lights started going on, because it started to get dark.
A grandma aged dance group. They were so cute!!! We clapped so loudly for them!!!
Hawaiian type dance performers.
Noah with this light saber. Both the boys bought a few junky type toys from the Summer festival. Same as every year. : ) But all the kids buy them and just part of the Summer festival fun, I guess. : )
A comedy act. They weren't very funny. In fact we heard a couple behind where we were sitting say in Japanese..They're not funny at all. @_@ I was quietly thinking the same thing. But I still clapped anyway. They tried their best. : )
2 sisters who wanted to give it their best shot, they were not on the list of performers, but they were warmly welcomed. They danced to a song. They did a pretty good job.
And these dancers came all the way from a high school in one of the bigger cities. They're in a dance group, and omg! They were amazing! My favorite performers of the night. They did about 8 different songs but they were so good, I wished they would have danced even more. I hope they come back next year.
So many people just watching those high school girls dance! They really were that good!
They had the first year high school students dance group and the upper classmen/older grades dance group. These were the first year girls. So good!
After the high school girls finished. Another dance group came out, a traditional Japanese dance group. They were so good and very high energy. I liked them.
At the end of the traditional Japanese dance performers, they asked the kids to join, and so Noah and Branden got up and danced along with them. As seen in this pic. A bit blurry sorry, : ) but they were all dancing. : )
And then...the thing everyone was waiting for. The raffle. Who would win the many prizes this year? The main prize was a flat screen TV.
A 32 inch TV. We didn't really need it. The TV we have in our living room is a 42 inch. But we could have stuck it in a bedroom, I gather. You'll never guess who won this...a boy a bit older then Branden was the one who was the one with the winning ticket. : ) Not sure if it actually belonged to his parents or if he won it himself. : ) Either way. We all clapped. And every house in our housing community got a free raffle ticket. Plus whoever wanted to buy a raffle ticket could buy one for a 100 yen. So the boy could have actually won it himself, who knows. : )
Yep, Branden won something. : ) See him holding it here?

And our family won this..they called out our home address and last name. And Noboru ran up in front of everyone and won this box of drink. The people on the right of that family won 2 prizes. : ) Don't ask me, how or why...just lucky I guess. My friend Rumi-san won a 5kg of rice. And our other friends won a floor type oscillating fan. We were all happy and cheering for everyone.
So after the festival was pretty much over after the school aged boy won the grand finale raffle prize/the TV. We headed home. We had bought these during the week, a simple pack of sparklers for the boys and they had been really wanting to do these. We told them in the day, we'd do them that night. So they were looking forward to this.
Hi Noah! : )
And 2 boys now enjoying their sparklers. : )

It was a fun filled day for the boys and for us too. After we cleaned up and made sure all the used sparklers were indeed soaking in a bucket of water. We cleaned up and went inside. The boys and Noboru showered. I checked my emails. Then when they came downstairs, I jumped in the shower.... took a good shower. ...and into my night tee, I went. : ) The boys crashed right after their shower, they were so sleepy. : ) Noboru and I watched TV for a bit before heading to bed.
The 2 prizes won this year by our family.
What's inside? I'll show ya. It's not really that don't be disappointed. ; )
Pasta plates and mug cups.
Not too bad, and Branden was just thrilled he won. : ) Anyway that's what our family did last Saturday. : )