Saturday, August 06, 2011

Family fun at the pool!!!

This Wednesday, our family headed to the pool! This a really cool pool to be at, lots of soft grass to lay down our tent. Many many different types of pools, splashing creeks, so many different big pools, a huge wave pool, a pebble peach type pool, and a lazy river. Branden and Noah helped Noboru set up the tent.
We got our cooler and also our Costco bag that carried the obento's, inflatable tubes, and snack bag, goggles, etc and set up.
The boys splashing in the bubbling creek part, right near where we set up.
We had a good view. But of course we went to splash too. : )

On our way to the huge wave pool.
This pool is huge, it morphs into the pebble beach on the far side with gray bottom. But we were waiting in the blue bottom part for the waves to go off. They go off every hour and they make huge announcements over the loud speakers so you won't miss them. : )
The latest announcement said, 5 minutes until the waves start. So the boys swam underwater while waiting.
Hi family!
And then the waves started...awesome! Sorry this was the only pic I took of the wave pool, because I quickly put my camera away in it's orange case, rolled it in a towel, and into one of our inner tubes along side the bush near the wave pool, so I could keep my eyes on it. And I went and enjoyed the wave pool the entire time. These were so much fun, we enjoyed these waves every hour on the hour when they made the announcement, we went and enjoyed them!
And on this side, the wave pool merging into another creek area.
And now back to home base. Noboru jumped in the inner tube and floated around. The boys played with our inflatable beach ball.
Noboru spinning Branden around and around. He loved it!
And now we went into the lazy river, sorry the only pic I managed to take, I wanted to be in the lazy river with them! So 1 pic only and I again tucked the camera away and jumped in the lazy river and lazed around and around and around. : ) Summer rocks!
The pool opened at 9am, we got there though at 9:30am. Around 11:30 we decided to have lunch. Yep after about 2 hours of swimming we were definitely ready. We had an extremely simple lunch...chicken, rice balls, Noboru brought a cold noodle obento. We had also brought straight tea and a pink lemonade. Cups from home and a big snack bag. Because food there is just so ridiculously priced. We just kept things simple which was perfect for us.
Has anyone tried these choco banana cookies? When I first bought our first bag a few weeks before...I thought to myself these will either be really disgusting or super good. I bought a bag for us to try. Not really knowing which way we'd feel. But OMG! These are so good, this is our 3rd bag of the Summer. During the day if anyone ever wanted a snack...and believe me, kids all over were snacking....and I was glad I brought enough for everyone in our family. Noboru munched chips, another hour he had a mini donut. The coco ichi curry snacks were not so hot though. : ( The mini 20 yen curry snacks are much better.
Branden eating a rice ball during the day.
And another time he came in for a nice cold drink of straight tea.
Noah meanwhile popped in for a cup of pink lemonade and a mini donut. And back to the creek he went. : )
By this time we went to a totally different pool, the bigger one with the huge floating thing the kids like to climb on. Here they were at first, just hanging in the pool slowly making their way to the huge floating climbing thing.

Aha, making our way...
I love you guys! : )

What an excellent way to spend the day. : )
Branden about to slide down.
And there he goes! You're next Noah!
Yay, good job kiddo!
This is a really beautiful pool!
And the boys on this again but this time, coming from the right side versus the left like last time. ; )
Go Noah go!
The smell of the churro just couldn't be ignored anymore. : ) Noboru you guys want a shave ice or a churro? The churro's were actually more expensive go figure. They both picked churro. So in line we went.
Vitamin water, my favorite thing to drink. : ) But I wasn't in line for that...we were in line for the....
Kakigori/shave ice. I picked the blue hawaiian flavor and Noboru of course picked strawberry since that's been his favorite flavor of shave ice since he was a little kid. : )
Enjoying your strawberry shave ice? ; )
And now it was 3pm. We had all agreed and told the boys at 3pm, we will leave. It was a full day. Since 9:30am. So, I had them get on their towels with the elsatic on one side and had them change into regular clothes. I packed the wet swimsuits in a spare plastic grocery bag I brought and put that bag into the Costco bag, tightly wrapped of course.
Wow, Noah, looks like you had another fantastic day!
Hi Branden....and now we are doing what we did at the beginning of the day, except in reverse...instead of setting things up...we are now taking them down. : ) It was an awesome day for us all! And thanks to Noboru's job, we get 12 free tickets here a year. So we will be coming back here 2 more times this year! We love this place. It's a lot of fun and a fantastic way for the boys to enjoy some more of their Summer break! : )