Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese fun!

One of the days, was the most filled with activity. On that day we went to the PIC (Pacific islands Club) for an all day swim, water slides and canoes and lunch buffet, then after that we took showers at my dad's condo and we went to the movies afterwards. The movie was great because we got to sit and enjoy the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie in a nice air conditioned theater. When we got out of the movies we had needed dinner. But considering Branden and Noah have been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese's, for over a year now, we finally took them. So we went that evening. They were so happy getting to go there! : )
We ordered a #3 and also some buffalo wings. We also ended up getting another 100 tokens on top of the 100 we got with ordering the #3.
The first 100 tokens, we split up even stevens, as usual. We also did the same with the extra 100.
One large pepperoni and mushroom pizza, spicy buffalo wings, celery and ranch and blue cheese for dipping the chicken with.
We ate....our #3 came with 4 drinks with unlimited refills. So Branden and Noah shared and kept refilling.
Branden and Noah driving a tank.....
The tanks!
Look at this game. You sit on the toilet. @_@ And the guy as the name implies.....has stinky feet. @_@ So your job is to wash his feet with the water gun! This game definitely gave me a double take when I first saw it. : )
Branden washing Mr. Stinky's feet. @_@ : )

Thank you Noah for also helping clean him up a little. : )
Are you on a jungle cruise Noah? Nice jeep! : )

The name on the back of this pretty much says it all. The marathon runner. Wanna practice running a marathon...well here ya go. : )
Branden ran and ran and ran!

Check out this huge Operation game! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this one. It made me laugh. And the boys have the regular sized game of this. So they both gave it a go! : )

This game really reminded me of the final spin on the Price Is Right, before 2 people get to battle it out for the showcase showdown, lol! : )
Noah winning the jackpot on another game.
And then Branden won the jackpot too.
They each won a few times. It was the oddest things how they kept winning this game.

And now it was time to go. No more counting tickets by hand, like how I did in my day when I went to Chuck E. Cheese as a child. : ) They now have a ticket muncher that counts the tickets for you. : )
Noboru helping Noah. My dad helped Branden. And I went back and forth between both the boys actually.
Branden had 594 tickets. And Noah had 559 (555 plus the extra 4 he had in his pocket : ). Which is not bad at all. After all that playing surely they'd get a good toy or something.
Nope they ended up with junky toys (but don't tell the kids we think they're junky: ). Noboru and my dad said...those toys could have been bought at the 100 yen store. : ) I said...come on you guys, the important thing is look how much fun they had though. Couldn't believe these flashing hands were 500 tickets each. The Chuck E. Cheese rocket and 1 plastic fake scorpion. The bright side is, they had a blast being there, we all did. And I also must admit, I played about 4 rounds of skeeball. : )