Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can't believe school starts next week. Also, I'm heading to the hair salon this coming Saturday

Can barely believe a week from now both Branden and Noah will both be in school already. Branden starts next Thursday Sept 1st. And Noah starts Friday Sept 2nd. Noah will have half day though next Friday as usual and then normal schedule that following Monday.

According to the Phinneas and Ferb song, there's a 104 days of Summer vacation (for us in America) but for us in Japan we get, only like 6 weeks? Like 40 days or so give or take? Plus the mountain of homework the elementary school kids get. No wonder Summer seems superly short. We do try every year to try and squeeze in as much out of Summer as we can...and I think that's because of it being such a short amount of actual Summer days off for the kids. : ( Anyway...I think we did and tried our best to give both Branden and Noah a great Summer. And I know Noboru and myself also enjoyed Summer quite a bit ourselves.

As for me...I enjoyed staying up late at night, way after the boys went to sleep. This past week, I've been going to bed between midnight and 1am. Because I've been watching that scary TV show program on the Discovery channel called, "A haunting" they start at 11 and end at 12 and another one starts right afterwards and ends at 1am. With not having to be awake at a freakishly early time like 5:45am. Like during the school year...I've gotten quite used to a more relaxed schedule for sures. : ) I wake up around 7:30-am to 8:30am depending on how tired/sleepy I still am in the mornings but I'm still usually the first one awake, no matter what day of the week or time of year.

I rarely get dressed "dressed". 90% of my days, I am to be found at home with pony tail not a stitching of makeup and a pair of comfy house shorts and a T shirt. Clean pair every day of course...but I don't have anywhere to go anything majorly to do. Which I sort of like. And I like being that low key. I'll switch to regular shorts and a regular shirt when we go do the weekly shopping. But ehhh, with it being Summer I've been on super relax mode.

Now there is less then a week? Less then a week!!! : ) We will try to enjoy it and make use of the tiny bit of time left.

Branden and Noah will be getting haircuts this week in preparation of school next week at the local barber. Meanwhile I have a hair appointment this coming Saturday at the hair salon. For a thermal hair straightening and a hair cut. Not a drastic hair cut.... still keeping it long. Just getting a few of those face framing long choppy layers near my face (as usual, lol). And that's it. I'll be good to go and ready to once again drive from elementary school, to yochien, back home, hang laundry, then to the grocery store...then clean house...prep for dinner and go and do my afternoon pick ups. Swimming school and Kumon runs on those days. @_@ all starts again for me next week. I better enjoy my pampering at the hair salon tomorrow. It'll be the last pampering I get for a good while. : )

Also I've been emailed my work schedule for the month of September. I work only once for the month of September..September 21st. Undokai prep is going on for both schools I work at, so only once. Which is so great for me. Because like I said back in July....I really don't want this job to drastically change my life or anything and working once a month is so seriously absolutely fine. The once a month to up to twice a month is way more then enough for me. I'm very satisfied with my once for September. That way I can concentrate on Branden's September undokai coming up. And Noah's sweet potato dig coming up. Noah's undokai isn't until October. And if I have any yochien duties with the shaon kai/graduation group I am a member of....for next years yochien graduation. To help plan for. I think we were thinking of taste testing a few restaurants this coming Fall, to see which place we'd like to have it at. So this leaves my days open for that. Plus it also leaves me open for going to the movies with my friends or going to lunch with them also, which we like to do too once the kids all go back to school. So yeah this job totally fits for me. : )

Anyway...back to the ol' grind for us starting from next Thursday.: ) Today we are heading back to the pool and we will be taking a picnic lunch with us and the cooler with drinks and some snacks as well. I hope everyone had a really great Summer. : )