Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bits and pieces from Guam!

Last Tuesday was the 1 and only day for August I worked at the hoikuen. Teaching ended around 11:20am and we went downstairs and chatted with the principal for a bit drinking some iced tea that they offered us and then I waved my teaching partner goodbye. And I drove home. The original plan was our family of 4 would all leave to Guam on Wednesday, August 10th morning together, however the flight ended up being really full. And on the Saturday before we started to come up with plan B. Plan B would be, the boys and I fly out the night before, because the flight was pretty open. And then the following day Noboru would fly as planned and we'd pick him up from the airport. That's ultimately what we did. So, knowing I had to work August 9th in the morning, I made sure the boys and myself were all packed the day or two before. That way when I came home from work, Tuesday the 9th. Which Noboru left for work at 12:15pm and I got home around 12:27pm. So Branden kept an eye on things for that 15 or less minute overlap. When I got home, the boys were playing the Wii and just relaxing. I quickly changed clothes. I made us a quick lunch. And we hung home until 2:30pm. At 2:30pm, we left for the airport. I parked my tiny red car in the lot at Narita airport around 3pm-ish, Noboru knew right where to pick it up at.... when he got off work. And Branden with his carry on Ben 10 backpack and Noah with his Phinneas and Ferb backpack (with all their clothes, swimsuits, underwear, they'd need for the trip and their DS games and toothbrushes) and me and my carry-on with all the things I'd need, clothes, undies, deodorant, makeup bag and flat iron) we quickly checked in and through security we went and waited near our gate (after getting our tickets, going through the TSA, etc etc by now it was closer to 4pm). Our flight left at 6:45 pm, and we were indeed early, not too drastically early but I figured earlier is better then later. : ) We "people watched", went and bought a Vitamin Water, the 3 of us shared and just relaxed until they boarded our flight. Branden watched Arthur on the flight (though we had recently seen it) but it is a good movie, and he watched a few other movies as well. Noah meanwhile watched the cartoon network channel and watched Ben 10 episodes for most of the flight. We arrived around 11pm. My dad picked us up and we went to my dad's condo and right as I made sure the boys were in bed, I heard the skype phone ringing on my dad's laptop. I answered it and it was Noboru just making sure we safely arrived and he told me his flight again and I said, I'd see him tomorrow at 2pm then. : ) The next morning, we woke up around 8am. We had breakfast, we couldn't really go to a movie or anything because we couldn't risk not being able to pick Noboru at 2pm. So we decided we'd just head to the mall to look around. This pic is of us looking around the kitchen things at Macy's. I love looking at kitchen supplies and gadgets, we spent an hour in that area and I didn't buy anything from the kitchen area this time. We then headed to the Macy's kids clothing department and I bought 2 pair of jeans for Branden. I did end up going back and getting 1 extra pair for Branden and 2 slim fit Levi's for Noah on a later date during last week. Anyway, after getting Branden's 2 pair of jeans last Wednesday, we decided to go and have lunch in the food court. We decided to head to the airport at 1:45pm since the drive is so short, so we just ate slowly and then went and looked around another shop and then headed to the airport. Noboru came right out of the airport, he was the first one who exited. He was all smiles. And the kids were excited to see their dad. So, the kids and I were there from Tuesday August 9th late evening to Saturday early evening. And Noboru was in Guam from Wednesday the 10th afternoon, to Saturday early evening as well. We all left back to Japan together. We enjoyed the heck out of ourselves this trip. We relaxed, rested and swam.
Here is one of our dinners we had last week. When we went to Tony Romas again. And last time, a few weeks ago when we were in Guam the last time, Noboru had ordered the baby back ribs with a hot and spicy sauce versus the original baby back sauce. This time around, my dad, and I both decided Noboru was onto something and this time we 3 all ordered our baby back ribs with the hot and spicy sauce. It was indeed quite hot, but so good!!! See the pepper on the ribs? : ) So good! And you get 2 sides. I always pick 2 different sides. But last time, I found myself wishing for 2 baked potatoes and so this time around, I asked for 2 baked potatoes, perfect decision for me. So good. : ) My dad had the same as me, except he had 1 baked potato and coleslaw. Noboru had fries and beans with his spicy babybacks.
Branden had his first adults sized baby back ribs, with the original sauce. And 2 baked potatoes. The food was a teeny tiny too much for Branden. But then again the kids meal is a little too small. So, it's up to him, depending on his mood or how hungry he is. He finished it all except 1 rib. : ) He tried his best. Noah picked the chicken tenders.
Branden one day last week while we were deciding which cereal to bring back. The kids as you know love peanut butter everything so they got a favorite they had last Fall. I was happy to see the waffle cereal there and the Cinnabon cereal there too, they also had the new blueberry muffin cereal.
The last meal we had before we went back to Japan on Saturday. I had the baked ziti, my dad had spaghetti and meatballs, we both had soft garlic breadsticks.
Branden loves American KFC, meaning the original KFC meaning the many different sides like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy as pictured to choose from. He's always a teeny tiny sad going to KFC in Japan, where they have no sides we're used to and just fries. : ( Which is okay... and he doesn't complain....but, he enjoys going to KFC in the US when he gets the chance.: ) We were at the food court about to head to the airport and said....last meal...what does everyone choose/pick? Branden picked his fave...KFC, snack pack, 3 strips and a mashed potato and gravy and small drink. And Noah picked his favorite as well...what did he want to eat for his birthday?......
Yep, you guessed it...Noah enjoyed tacos before heading to the airport. And food at the airport is always so expensive, that's why we eat before heading to the airport. Noboru had the spaghetti and meatballs and a cesar salad and breadstick. My dad dropped us off at the airport. He hugged all of us so tightly and us him. And we smiled and said....see you later. : ) Not goodbye, as you know...they're just too sad. : ) And we checked in...Saturday's flight was pretty empty as well, which is why we chose that date. And we went through the TSA screening and went near our gate.
The flight attendant rocked! Her husband sat behind us on our flight in first class, Noboru said....I saw your name on the standby list and was impressed you've been working for the company for 40 years (he was the only other nonrev that day and got his ticket when we got ours). He smiled and proudly said...no it's my wife, she's been a flight attendant here for 40 years. She was petite and blond and 50-ish but really took amazing care of herself. She told me during the flight. And I'm seriously not kidding you. She said...to Noah and also looking at Branden..."you 2 are the most well behaved kids...you always use please and thank you" She was really impressed with Branden and Noah's manners. And as a mother I admit,I was pretty proud of myself. I turned to her and I said...thank you. : ) This is not the first time some one's commented to the boys about that. My parents were always sticklers about me saying please and thank you and I guess I've always been a stickler about it too. : ) After she served everyone their meal including her husband. And all the trays were put away, she brought out a meal for herself and sat quietly next to her husband. I really love to see couples like that, oh so in love and still going strong all the way into their 50's and beyond.: ) We arrived Narita around 6:45pm. By the time we deplaned and walked from the gate to the immigration area. Noboru and the boys into the Japanese line and myself into the reentry line. And they waited for me and we 4 took the escalator down. We waited for 4 luggage. Noboru brought empty suitcases with him and we brought back full ones. After waiting for all 4 pieces of luggage and standing in line to give our customs declaration paper, we left. Noboru called the car baby sitter place and they were sending a shuttle for us. So we quickly walked to the car shuttle pick up point. And they drove us to the MPV. We went to the Ohsho for a light meal. We locked the car and didn't want to stay in the restaurant too long. Egg drop soups, some fried rice and gyoza, we headed back to the car and to home. By now it was Saturday and near 9pm. I spoke with my dad and let him know we safely arrived and didn't even check email Saturday at all. Sunday morning was my first chance. All Sunday, I spent my time....unpacking the 4 of us, did 2 loads of laundry and hung dry them outside. Finally got around to checking my email. Didn't get the chance that day to go through my pictures though. And Monday...yesterday...Monday was spent going to the grocery store, getting our weekly groceries. Doing a load of laundry, towels that dried so quickly outside. I made yakisoba for dinner last night. And after dinner and showers and pj's for the boys. When they were happy and watching some cartoons before bed. Is when I finally finally finally had the first chance to go through my pictures. So, today..Tuesday is my first real chance to blog. I have so many stories to share with you all. This is barely just the first one. : ) PS: Oh the meal in the picture, tandoori chicken (white meat), saffron rice, multicolored bell peppers, garlic bread, salad, and roasted pork with blueberry sauce and the dessert was chocolate covered cheesecake, OMG, that was so good! : )