Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the pool for some last minute, end of Summer fun

Last Friday, we took both Branden and Noah back to the pool to spend the entire day.
Playing in the wave pool.

It was a weekday, so not so crowded.
We brought/packed a picnic lunch with us. Potato salad and macaroni salad, chicken cutlets for sandwiches or to enjoy with tonkatsu sauce and with a rice ball or two, their choice, although everyone picked sandwiches. Fresh grapes, the lettuce in the ziplock bag on the right was for the sandwiches. And Noboru brought 2 mini obentos from the store as well.
We could eat and enjoy watching people splashing. We had a great view.
Clearly I've been in Japan too long. : ) When I first moved here and saw my first potato salad sandwich, I was a little surprised. Good thing I don't mind carbs. : ) Anyway now I love them. So here was my sandwich from the picnic last Friday while at the pool, I had a chicken cutlet sandwich with lettuce and potato salad. It was quite good. : )
Branden enjoying the same thing as me.
And Noah too. : )
Good thing we packed the boys water guns.
Calpis cupcakes and chocolate "marble" cupcakes and lemon Oreos and the chips were for the sandwiches.
Jaws movie theme....Dundundundun. : ) Noah emerges from the water looking for his brother...I meanwhile sit and watch this cat and mouse game play out for a while before we went and played at another pool. : )
Target locked on! Shoot...spray with water. As you can tell from these pics it was a lovely sunny day last Friday. Where we were. Interestingly enough according to the news that evening it was raining buckets in Tokyo. But not where we were obviously. Now...around dinner time after we got home...and already showered and stuff, yes then it started raining near our area in the countryside of Chiba but honestly not a drop before then.
Noah enjoying the sunshine and doing a little back flip tumble thing.
And coming up. Well done Noah.
Aha, a water shootout between father and son! I think Noboru let Branden win. : )
Just relaxing.
This is the pebble beach part. The entire beach area of this pool is small tiny pebbles.
Branden trying to bury Noah! See the rashguard getting covered in pebbles...@_@
Branden about to slide down the octopus slide.
Noah and his green goggles sliding down the octopus slide.
And then next thing you know it was 3:30pm and time for us to leave and head home. It was a very good day! : )
I hope you enjoyed your Summer kiddo! : )