Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another yummy backyard bbq

Last Thursday we had yet another backyard bbq. The meat was marinating nicely all day, since morning in the fridge. Noboru fired up the grill when the boys called me from Kumon on their cell. I popped over there in a few minutes. Kumon's basically on the other side of the huge rice field behind our house that runs a few blocks and up a bit, so it's really close. Picked them up. They came home washed their hands put their Kumon bags away and went to play out in the backyard...just kicking the soccer ball around, swinging on swings and a few other things while dinner cooked on the grill. I could smell corn grilling freshly in the husk that smells SO amazing! Marinated grilled meats also smelled equally great and soon it was time to come inside. We had fresh cut watermelon, pasta salad and potato salad that I made a few days earlier when we had buffalo chicken wings. I made a big ( just enough to last 3 days/nights worth) amount of both and we enjoyed both salads for 3 nights during last week. I think last week it started to dawn on us, wow only 2 weeks left of Summer. So we are still trying our best to enjoy it. And if that means bbq right until the very end, well then so be it.... all the better then.: ) We'll definitely enjoy it. And just make the most of it, the best we can. : )