Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When pigs fly! ; )

Still trying to catch up here. : ) After we got back from Hawaii. We had just about run out of waffles. And also we didn't buy tortilla chips in Hawaii, we could have but didn't want to take up the needed space in a suitcase. So we ordered from the Flying Pig here in Japan. We did however bring the salsa back with us though.
Just 2 things, well I guess 3, if you count the waffles twice since we ordered 2 boxes. But not much is what I mean. : )
It was the last week of school for Noah and Branden the week we got back. I had Branden's weekly regular clothes hanging outside. And Noah's 5 Summer uniform shirts drying on the far right. And in front of the boys swimming towels was Noah's new madras jimbei drying in the breeze. The Summer festival is now over but at the time this was taken it was coming up. And had wanted to wash it and freshen it up before Noah wore it for the first time. : )

This should have been blogged weeks ago. : ) It's so behind the times now. So, I will disable comments on this. Only because it's an older delayed post. : ) But nothing too major in here anyway. : )