Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things we did, the first day we arrived in Honolulu! ; )

July 3rd at around 7am Honolulu time our family arrived in Honolulu. Yep we had July 3rd twice. ; ) The day we left Japan was also July 3rd. We picked up our rental car and headed to the hotel, check in time is usually around 1-3pm, but luckily they checked us in that morning. We had emailed them in advance telling them we'd be early and if it was okay, they said yes. : )
We stayed at the crew hotel. So all of our flight crew was also there checking in. They know we're also Delta folks, so we all waved at each other and smiled at check in. They know my husband.
A very nice marble sink area. This was totally redone this hotel a few short years ago. We stayed at the Ala Moana hotel this time. So convenient for shopping at the Ala Moana mall, there's a bridge from the hotel to the shopping mall.
Super clean. And tropical themed bedding which was perfect since we were in Honolulu. : )
Hi Noah kiddo! : ) Our flat screen TV hanging that could bend/move towards either bed or both. : ). I think these rooms were updated in 2005 or 2007... So not too long ago.
Newer type microwave and cute newer little silver room fridge. Frosted sliding glass closet where we stored the suitcases after we got ourselves settled. yep you can see the Jack in the Box cup we had breakfast before checking into the hotel.
Very nice clean shower area.
Kohler sink, we have that brand of kitchen sink in our home in Japan. We were really happy with our hotel choice. And the price we paid (getting a good deal) was what we liked the most about this hotel. : )
After everyone went to the restroom. And if anyone wanted to change clothes. The kids didn't want to, which was fine, besides they were in shorts already. I switched clothes though, from a dress which I wore for my flight, and switched to a comfy pair of khaki tan shorts, top and flip flops. Put my hair in a pony tail and we left the hotel. First thing we did was went and ordered Noah's birthday cake. Safeway makes great birthday cakes. As you can see from the glass it says gourmet cupcakes. They make really delicious cakes and cool character cakes to boot and are fair in price! We had a choice of butter cream frosting, whipped cream type frosting, all sorts of frosting flavors, cake flavors, chocolate, carrot, red velvet, white. We picked the cake Noah wanted and got all the flavors sorted as well. Said see you...July 7th and we left Safeway. We also bought a small cart of things we needed while there so we killed 2 birds with 1 stone being there. : )
We went to Costco, this took us about 10 minutes we had only 2 or 3 items to get from there and quickly paid and checked out. We also were a bit tired from the flight and knew the following day would be a full day swim day so we kept the arrival day, just knocking off a few places to shop, the birthday cake for Noah and we wanted to eat dinner some place and go back to the hotel. So no huge plans, we didn't want to over activity ourselves to death the first day or stress ourselves the first day at all. Which we didn't stress the whole trip...the whole trip was relax, relax and enjoy... everyday.
After Costco we headed to Target (one of my favorite American stores). I had my list printed already and Noboru and I had planned to get a new living room area rug at Target. We took measurements the week beforehand and everything. We needed/wanted a new area rug for the living room. We tried getting one from Nissen but didn't care for it. And so for us it was just cheaper buying at Target and bringing it back. We needed navy blue, found navy blue, the size we wanted as well and at the price we liked. So we threw it in the cart. We also got a few other things. And also some toiletries for our stay, you know like toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner. Because those teeny tiny sizes of toothpaste and shampoos the hotels give are never large enough for a family of 4. : ) Between Safeway, Costco and Target we seemed to spend the most time at Target the first day. There's just too many things to look at in there.
It was still daylight out, but around dinner time actually the sun set while we were eating. This is not a fancy shmancy place at all. But then we're not really fancy shmancy people to begin with. ;P It's a simple plate lunch/plate dinner type place. They have meat, rice and macaroni salad type meals. The price is cheap and the quality is yumm-o! We used to come here all the time when we lived here.
Both Branden and Noah remembered this place from 2 years ago. : )
Just some things we used for the trip.
There was a huge banner saying there would be a pre 4th of July firework show July 3rd at 8:30pm. We saw the sign that morning, and we knew we wanted to watch it. So, we found a great place and parked along with a bunch of other American families trying to enjoy the pre 4th fireworks display. All the cars on the right of the pic were parked and the people were in lawn chairs. Cheering...ohhing and ahhing and clapping! It was fun! : )
I want the boys to know how fun the fourth of July is for us! A time for celebration!!! And great fireworks. : )
People sitting on the grassy area. There were about a thousand people there, if not more. You'll see a pic down below of the crowds of people crossing the street. Just crowds and bunches and bunches of people.
Branden and Noah watching on....
Look at those crowds of people! Such an excellent time to be in America! : )

PS, I have so many posts to get up. And today is my first day I actually have had a chance to blog. So, today hopefully I can get 2 posts up at least. And maybe tomorrow finish the last of the Honolulu/Oahu posts. I'm trying...working on it. : )