Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swimming at Waikiki beach and going to see Cars 2 in Honolulu and other fun things like going to the Red Lobster and Zippy's!

Ahh, I know I'm behind with posting. I've yet to get all the Honolulu posts up and/or Noah's birthdya post yet either (sorry). And on top of all that...Noah's very last day of school was yesterday/Friday. And we have Noah's Summer festival at the yochien this coming Monday and I must go and prepare for that tomorrow morning. So considering all the Summer festival last minute bits going wonder I am having one heck of a time with getting these posts up. : ) But again...I am giving this my best shot and working on it. : ) Ahhh what else...I've also still been working out. And on top of that.... I had 3 loads of laundry this morning (one load towels, 1 load clothes and 1 load sheets and pillow cases all beds) all hung and the last bits (sheets and pillow cases are still drying outside as we speak/or I type. ; ) So where was I? : ) Ahh yes. Did I stop on the 4th? Okay well, after spending the whole day on the 4th at the beach. We walked back to the rental car. This is a pic from that evening. Our rental car was the white one and we parked at a park-ish type area next to a school and the sign said...parking was okay on weekends, holidays etc so that's why we parked there and few also parked there so we were fine. We got ourselves in the car and quickly got ourselves to the hotel and showered like I said. Ohh also the 4th, the fireworks were to be hosted by the actual Ala Moana mall. But they were to be set off somewhere directly in we assumed fireworks would be happening but we had zero idea it would #1 be hosted by the mall/hotel we were staying at. That was pure luck. : ) So, all the cars in droves were basically heading directly for our area. Like by the hundreds or thousands, gridlock traffic was starting and they were looking for spaces. As we went into the car garage the person at the gate told us...knowing we were actually guests of the hotel. He said...if I were you...I wouldn't leave the hotel for the rest of the night because of the traffic. We figured he'd know best! And by the looks of the 4th of July crowds and traffic we agreed. So we parked our car in the lot. They were turning away non guests before us. But we had a we got to park there. We went into the room showered like I said. And we decided since us driving to a restaurant was out. We would walk across the bridge...and have dinner at the mall. Perfect!
Neiman Marcus at the Ala Moana mall. Nordies is also there. The Body Shop. The Bath and Body Works. Aveda, Sephora. Mac. Croc shop. Huge food court...with Sbarro pizza, Panda Express, Subway, Coco Ichi curry, Many Japanese fast food. A Mexican take out. Tons of choices so we each got something. The boys had Mexican food for dinner. I had the baked ziti (which reminds me, I should make this at home soon, haven't made this in a few months.) from Sbarro, Noboru had Japanese. And we got 3 slices of pizza to go, 1 for the boys each and 1 for me. Noboru got something on the way out as well. We did that because we did not want to starve in the hotel room and we knew we'd not be able to leave later.
The very high up and scary view from our balcony. The pool but we never went to the pool, we went to the ocean and beach every day instead. And you can see the gray bridge that safely goes over the bustling street and traffic. So, you don't have to play frogger going from hotel to mall. I liked how we could just cross the bridge and in an instant be there anytime.
This is not a pic of the Macy's, but this is instead a pic of the people sitting on lawn chairs trying to wait until dark to view the fireworks. You can double click this pic and see them...1 family is near the big flower planter. They all wanted to be as close to the mall as possible and hundreds actually in the parking lot of the mall. We could see these people from our room. So...when I said on the video people are down below and also at the mall. I wasn't kidding. They were really all there in folding chairs and lunch. They all had food and drinks. one family had a whole California Pizza Kitchen pizza, I thought good idea!!!! Since the mall sells that too.
More people when we turned this corner there were honestly about 40 families all in lawn chairs at the actual mall outside watching and waiting for it to grow dark. Plus about another 50 all parked at the mall parking lot near their cars in lawn chairs too. Meanwhile us on the 31st floor and could use the bathroom anytime since we were in our room. It was just like I said pure luck.
That sale was on most of the stores. They had massive 4th of July and after 4th sales. Again all decorated.
Huge flags all hanging throughout the mall.
The boys wore these tees to the mall. The pizza we saved for later and put in the fridge for after the fireworks.
I had taken a movie of the finale. I can't seem to upload it because it's just too big about twice the file size of my other movies. My movies 1 minute or less do fine. But this one is a 3 minute movie. But it showed the finale, the whole crowd went wild screaming..all the crowds down below and at the mall. All the cars honking wildly. And Noboru telling me...they're singing "God bless America" do you hear them??? It was crazy!!!! So wild and so fun! And glad we got to watch it from the safety of our room. This was a wonderful experience for Branden and Noah to be able to be in. To see with their own eyes and wow! I loved it!!! All the cars hundreds of them for as long as the eye could see honking. It was very VERY cool! Anyway moving on....; ) And no, those aren't ants down there.... there's just 1 of the many many crowds of people from below.
The boys telling mommy this is amazing! And yes to be really really was. : )
Well we showered before dinner so didn't shower again. So, we came back into the room after all the hoopla from the fireworks and stuff died down. : ) Noboru still walked on the balcony periodically to see if the traffic had lightened, but it didn't it went on for hours. Good thing the garage guy gave us the heads up because we would have been stuck for dinner or getting back to the hotel. His heads up made sure we had enough to eat and we did not leave for the rest of the night. : ) Noboru was checking his email in the pic. I do not check mine while I'm on vacation. And we watched the documentary on A&E called Hoarders. The boys munched their pizza when they got hungry, as did I and Noboru also ate and munched as well. They boys brushed their teeth before bed and they zonked out. I watched TV a bit longer.
Tuesday we went to swim at Waikiki pretty early because we had a movie plan afterwards. Also, Noboru had been worried if I was getting sand in the video camera by us keep bringing it to the beach. Which he was right to worry because one of our video cameras did die that way a few years back. So, I only brought the digital camera and also camcorder with us on beach days about twice, sorry. : ) We swam from 7:30am to 10am (wake up at 7am we all brush teeth sunscreen and leave,,we can literally leave in minutes : ). We went back to the hotel and showered and left to breakfast. Also I was going to say, Waikiki beach, the sand isn't nearly as fine or as white as Kailua beach. Noboru loves Zippy's. It's a chain restaurant, mostly locals. It was truly brunch time, so since he'd been wanting to eat there we went. ; ) I had breakfast...the veggie omlette, hashbrowns and Noah and I split and order of bacon.
Noah also ordered breakfast. He had the french toast made from Hawaiian sweet bread...he loved it! And he had shared/split the bacon with me. Noboru ordered saimin (noodles) his favorite Hawaiian dish! : ) So Noboru must have been thinking lunch and Branden was also thinking lunch...
Zippy's is famous for their pies and also famous for their chili. ; ) So Branden wanted chili cheese fries. Boy was he stuffed afterwards. : ) We all were. : )
After brunch, we went to see a movie. Cars 2! It just came out...hasn't gotten to Japan yet...July 30th? I think. And trying to find a movie theater in English in Japan can be tough especially where we live. was just easier for us to see it here. So we did. : ) It was a Tuesday and they had specials Tuesday. $1 hot dogs... 2 dollar popcorn Tuesdays and the cheapest tickets this movie theater at the Dole Canary. Again we just went to the movies...Noboru checked the time schedule on his lap top. But wow again just happened by pure luck. We had no idea we were going on the cheapest day possible. Lucky. They loved the movie!!! I was surprised Noboru liked itso much. I knew Branden and Noah would love it, which they totally did!
After the movie it was wow, barely 2-3pm. So we strolled up and down Waikiki afterwards. Felt all touristy and everything. : )
The International Marketplace.
And around 4:30pm for an early dinner we headed to the Red Lobster. Those yummy cheesy garlic biscuits. Noboru ordered mozzarella cheesesticks. We also had salads.
I had the shrimp...I picked shrimp scampi and breaded shrimp.... baked potato. It was early enough we beat the crowds. Plus we were hungry around that time. Our waitress was lovely. She brought drinks for the 4 of us so often the other ones hadn't even been finished yet. The garlic cheesy bread is free with meals and she kept bringing us basket after basket of it : ) She made our eating there even more enjoyable so we left her a nice tip! : )
The boys both wanted chicken fingers. We said...why not have some shrimp or.... Nope they prefer chicken any day to shrimp. @_@ Hmm, I prefer shrimp. : ) Salad with thousand island dressing in the pic, Noboru had the cesar salad.
After dinner it again was still early. How could we pack THAT much into one day? Swimming Waikiki, movie, strolling Waikiki and now Red Lobster and still we headed to the mall in Pearlridge shopping. This is the 2nd largest mall in Honolulu, the first being Ala Moana.
We had wanted a game from Game Stop and this was the location that had it. They have a monorail since the mall is in 2 parts, that goes to both sides. And it's 50 cents to ride and Noah was free. Definitely sorta cool riding a monorail through a mall.
Branden and Noah in the monorail and we went through and over the parking area on our way to the other side of the mall. The Game Stop was holding the game for us..we gave them our last name and we got the game and left.
They had an Ice Age type exhibition going on....Noah loved it. he said...hey there's Manny!!!! LOL! I said...yep! : )
We also stopped off at Target on the way to the hotel. Wow it was a full day, yes. But plenty of fun and lots of restful down time like sitting in the nice cool movie theater for 2 hours. Or like floating around aimlessly in an ocean and frolicking along a beach with kids and hubby. : ) Or like eating a delicious dinner and being spoiled by a wonderful server. : )Again....was a busy day granted... but the most relaxing amazing fun busy type day nonetheless. And this pic of on that night.... we were walking through the lobby and heading up to our room. With Target bags and Game Stop bag in hand. : ) I'll do my best to get the last posts up tomorrow after I help set up at the yochien tomorrow/Sunday morning for Monday's Summer festival. : )