Friday, July 29, 2011

Noah's very last Summer festival at the yochien

This is yet another one of the "lasts" we encountered a few weeks ago. Noah's last Summer festival at the yochien. Not his last Summer festival *ever* obviously, because we go to them yearly anyway. Like the one in our housing community that is taking place today for example.: ) But it is indeed Noah's last one, he'll be participating in at the yochien. So another thing comes to a close for him. And that's okay. : ) Anyway...this is the exact game I worked on. I was standing somewhere on the left and working this game at the time...clapping for my son, Noboru took this picture. : ) See my really good friend on the right, clapping for Noah as well. : ) I've got lots of good friends here, and they always keep a watchful and caring eye on Noah and Branden during the festival or anytime we're together really. I look out for all their kids as well. We're all a bunch of caring mother hens and cheerleaders for each others kids basically. : ) I also have a lovely pic of the Jogo-san helping Noah on the whack-a-mole game. It is a nice picture and I'll be putting that one in the scrapbook. : )
Frozen jelly's were perfect on such a hot and steamy day, that this festival was held on. : )
Hot dogs. : )
The snack Noah's holding are so good! We buy those every year, ever since Branden was a student here. In a small way...this was a little sad for me, thinking that this would indeed be the last time ever we'd be partaking at the Summer festival with this yochien. I know...I know onwards and upwards. But still bittersweet you know what I mean?
Aww the fluffy heart sensei. She helped Noah tremendously when he was a yellow badge...sort of like a pre-student student for the first few months before April had begun all those years ago and he became a full fledged red badge. : )
And yes, she's still just as gentle and caring and loving as ever.
Sorry Noboru to take your pic mid chew! : ) The Spongebob bag I had Branden bring along so they could carry all their loot in during the festival.
The kids about to start the Summer dancing.

Hands on your hips....
Wave your hands in the air...and wave 'em like you just don't care! ; ) LOL, anyone remember that old song? Never mind. : )
Aww, anyone see Noboru in the background at the fence? See, I worked the first half of the festival at the games. And father's are also asked to help not just mothers. So, Noboru worked the 2nd half and was a patrol person walking the area outside the school. The school had blocked off the street. With cones and everything. However I think when the music started Noboru wanted to catch a glimpse of his son. : ) Knowing this would be the last of the last of yochien festivals for us. : )
The dancing is always so fun to watch.

Hands on your head like this...just follow what the Yayoi sensei does Noah! : ) The kids actually practice this a few times the week before... so they got it pretty much down by the time of the festival day.
Was this a...make a cute face pose? : ) Yep but the Yayoi sensei did they made one too. : )
Oh my sweet Noah. You've grown so much kiddo!
The original yochien Branden went to...before we moved here. They had a bunch of fancy lanterns that lit up at night and the kids danced under those. But you know what? I like these "lanterns" better. Because the kids get to actually make new ones each year. And the kids always like to point out which ones are theirs. ; )
And all the loot (junk) Noah brought back : )...not even counting all the loot (junk) Branden brought back. : )

2 very cute, very short videos of the last Summer festival for Noah. : )