Thursday, July 21, 2011

Noah turns 6!!! Happy Birthday kiddo!!!

I'm going to try and tell you about Noah's turning 6 as much as I can. I want to make sure to write all the things down while they're still fresh in my mind. Turning 6 has been something he's been looking forward to for quite a while. The night before, Noah asked for us all to take one last look before bed. And when he woke up the morning of his 6th birthday, he asked..."do I look any different?" Oh yes, I look much taller today then yesterday. ; ) You definitely lost that age 5 look you had you totally look 6! : ) Oh that's so good, Noah said, feeling so much more reassured. : ) He felt totally different all day long...even now, since we've been home. He says he can reach the higher shelf in the fridge and everything. This is all due because...well he turned 6! : ) Of course right? ; ) Anyway, so we went to the beach first thing in the morning. We hit waikiki because it's closer. We swam for 3 hours and then went back to the hotel to shower. After a shower we headed over the bridge to have lunch. Branden was checking his wallet in this pic (Spongebob) ; ) Hmm, he only had about $3-4 dollars in there, but then again, he was just making sure. ; )
Both Branden and the birthday boy wanted sandwiches. They just had them the day before too. Anyway I had Panda Express. orange chicken, stir fry noodles, rice and egg rolls and a drink we all shared. Noboru meanwhile had the....
Steak plate lunch. After lunch, we walked back over the bridge and got in the car and went and picked up Noah's birthday cake.
You know, with us living in Japan, character cakes are hard to find. : ( The cakes at Costco are a great choice, but they're so huge and since we celebrate usually just as a family of 4, we'd be eating that cake for a month. : ( So, we usually either bake a cake here at the house, a super simple one. Or we buy Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes. They're super tiny though and not very cheap. : ( We do it mostly anyway though. Because there just isn't an easy alternative for birthday cakes. : ( About 3 weeks before we left to Hawaii. We were looking at the old home movies and we came across one where Branden and I were in Colorado for about 5 weeks at my dad's house. We celebrated Branden's 3rd birthday with a great looking Nemo cake. It had Nemo on there and everything. The jelly's too! : ) Noah watched the movie and he said...Branden got a Nemo cake. I've never gotten a cake like that before. He didn't say it as a woe is me, type way. But it took the wind out of me a bit. He's right. We just never had the opportunity to. So, since we knew we'd be in Hawaii during Noah's birthday, I mentioned to Noboru, what Noah saw on the video and what he'd said. He felt awful too. So, that's why we went and ordered him the cake. And believe me, Noah's probably the most grateful kid. Honestly... I asked him what he wanted 2 Christmases ago and he said maybe some Pokemon band aids. @_@ I told my yochien mom friends about it 2 years ago and they chuckled. : ) He's never minded getting Branden's hand me downs all these years, never cared a single bit. Never cared he inherited Branden's yellow school bus backpack, he takes on ensokus/field trips and has never had a backpack of his own, being the first owner you know what I mean. And no he's not deprived, far from it.... but he is a 2nd brother and he does end up with many things of Branden's, yet he's never complained not 1 single dot. Didn't even complain when he got his school uniforms and 90% of them belonged to Branden first. : ) He's not greedy and he's a good hearted kid. As you all know. So, yeah...getting him the character cake, was like the least we could do, wish we could do this every birthday but again just not available here like they are so easy to find in the states. I think this picture shows how thrilled Noah was. He's standing on his tippy toes looking and staring at his birthday cake. : )
And still looking. : ) Bless his heart. : )
This cake was only $20. And I tell ya, if I could, meaning if they were available here...I'd order the boys one for their birthdays different characters every single birthday. Branden fell in love with the Tron cake by the way. : ) Awwww anyway at least we could get this for Noah one year anyway. : ) We had the cake, the ice cream. The little napkins and plates and candle. And forks and spoons. And plastic knife.
Happy Birthday Noah!!! You truly and honestly are a great kid! The both of you are. : )
Branden was so proud of Noah. And he felt totally different then the day before, like I said. : )

A short home movie, so we can remember it forever and always.
A very low key birthday, as usual for us. : ) It was just the 4 of us. And all in all it was a perfect day.
Happy Birthday, to our newest 6 year old! : )
Us walking through the hotel lobby. On our way to a birthday celebration. Noboru suggested Tony Romas!!! I was thinking ribs too! Excellent suggestion! So, we're in the car on our way to Tony Romas. I can just taste the baked potato soup already! Noboru asks, is Tony Romas your birthday dinner place? Noah said, wherever you think we should go. : ) Well, where would YOU like to go? Thinking...thinking. If I could choose, Noah said. I'd pick Taco Bell! Branden said..."Taco Bell??? @_@ For your birthday meal? Taco Bell? isn't that for like lunch?" Yes, I know...but daddy said if I could pick anyplace. That's where I'd wish to go. Noboru gives me the, we should let him go look and I agreed. was after all, his birthday dinner after all not ours. Good bye potato soup...farewell ribs that we won't eat this trip. : )
Definitely the most interesting place to have a birthday celebration meal. It was a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combo. Noah ate 3 tacos and was on cloud 9! Everyone enjoyed. And we actually had a good time in there. Birthday dinner and all. : ) I had 1 bean burrito and 1 pepperoni personal pan pizza. We all shared a mountain dew. Noah went back to the hotel a happy little boy. He had the cake of his dreams, got a new backpack all his own. Which he loved, a wallet too. And he got to pick the restaurant for his birthday dinner. He brushed his teeth and went to sleep with a 6 year old smile on his face. : ) Birthdays are special and I'm sorry I took so long to share your birthday story Noah. Happy Birthday baby, we truly do love you! : )