Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The fourth of July! The entire day spent at Kailua beach! And the awesome fireworks celebration that night!

The Fourth of July! We all got a great nights sleep the night before and woke up ready for a full day at the beach. Noboru first needed to get himself a new pair of swim trunks though first thing. He dislikes shopping for himself very much, so it's no wonder his last pair of swim trunks he'd had for a very very long time. So he said if he packed his old ones, He'd end up putting off buying a new pair again. So he purposely left his old pair in Japan, that way he'd be forced to get a new pair. We walked right across the bridge from the hotel to the mall. Right when they opened, they opened pretty early, could have been because of the July 4th sale or I'm not sure why....anyway we went to Old Navy and with all the Summer sales, he got a $19.95 US pair of swim trunks for $10 US. And given the exchange rate Noboru said he paid about 750 yen-800 yen or so. So he was thrilled.
A quick run into Longs drugstore for some beach mats and right back over the bridge to the hotel for a quick change into our swimwear and we left.
Victoria's Secret. Didn't shop in there or even walk around, but it's nice it's there now. : ) I did however spend some quality time at the new Bath and Body Works another day though. : )
We got the boys each an American flag tee for the Fourth of July and given the price we were happy. : ) They wore those out to dinner later that night. : )
Noboru's preppy pair of swimwear. And his wood looking flippies that are really comfy and plastic. And those 2 American tees the boys got, that's it. We quickly changed clothes like I said and we left. It was still morning.
On our way to the beach!
Always on our way to Kailua beach we see this restaurant. It always makes my husband smile seeing this restaurant! So I always take a picture of it for him! : )
By now, it was now around 10:45am-11am at the latest. We went and had lunch and we also brought snacks and a whole bunch of juice boxes for the kids and plenty of vitamin water for us to have at the beach.
With it being the fourth of July, and perhaps everyone thought the same thing...what an awesome way to ring in the fourth at the beach. Because so many other people were also eating lunch in swimsuits in Kailua. : )
Many cars had American flags on them! Everything you can imagine had an American flag on it!
We ran into a store to buy a boogie board. And, as we were checking out the lady tells me...Happy 4th to you! And I smiled and said...and a happy fourth to you too!!!! : )
So many American families walking in droves to the beach. So many Japanese tourists getting off the bus and also heading to the beach. Come one, come all! The more the merrier. The whole mood was awesome!
An American dad and his backpack had a hook for holding those 2 big inflatable innertubes. : ) And his 2 little kiddos walking behind him. : ) We let him walk across/in front of our car. He said...thank ya! : )
Again like I said, American flags all over!
Definitely double click this pic of the market. The windows had nice American decorations on them, they also had about 5 flags on the front of the market as well. So pretty!
And this restaurant sign said simply... Happy 4th!!!! Awww I tell ya, the best time for us to go back to the US for vacation.
Kailua beach!
As Americans we are just as proud of our country, as other people are of their own country too. So, yeah it's very understandable how important of a day this is for us! Here is one very nice house with a very nice flag!
We parked the car down the road at a safe spot. And walked to the beach.
A strolling down the street Branden meanwhile another house proudly hanging the flag!
And another!
And yet another! 90% of the houses had flags out! And the mailbox was decorated in a nice turtle theme, very cool too. ; )
And even a red golf cart type vehicle and it had words on the front window that said...America. : )
Kailua is such a breath taking beach.
A very nice boogie board! And Branden sitting on the mats while we sat under a tree while getting all unpacked and stuff.
Waters so crystally blue and sand so fine and nice!
Noboru getting Noah in the inflatable tube.
Branden looking for a wave to ride!
And riding the wave all the way to the sandy beach. : ) And going right back out again!
Branden, Noah and Noboru! : )
And Noah's been in swimming school since age 3, so it's no big surprise he loves the water! He's also a good little boogie boarder as well.

Noah riding that wave all the way in! ; )
Branden having the time of his life and all smiles!
Noboru helping Noah.
Noah doing a fantastic job!!! Seriously for being 5 (at the time this was taken) he rocks!!!
Yay Noah sweetheart!
Look at all the family bbq's at the beach for the 4th of July! Everyone was very friendly to everyone else. Again the whole mood was awesome. We spent the whole entire day there, we left around 4;30pm. Went home quickly showered and then we went and had dinner! We had 10 vitamin waters in our mini fridge in the room a whole box of juice box for Branden and Noah. Snacks and so around 7:45pm we were at the hotel for the rest of the night and waited until 8:30pm for when the fireworks started on the 4th of July!

Branden boogie boarding!

Noah also rockin' the boogie board as well. And enjoying the waves!

And enjoying the 4th of July festivities from our balcony. We were on the 31st floor and it only goes up to the 35th floor, so we were fairly high up. We lucked out getting to see them from the balcony!: )

The rest of the Honolulu vacation posts and Noah's birthday post, I'll try to get up tomorrow if I can. : )