Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The flight back to Japan from Honolulu

Delta kids can not fly in first class, unless they are 6 years or older. Regular paying passengers can, but you know what I mean. With having 2 children. We just never really got the chance of ever being able to sit in first class. Not that we're hoity toity fancy shmancy types anyway. When Noah became 4 years old. Noboru and Branden started to get really antsy. They kept saying 2 more years. Only 2 more years Noah. And then last year when Noah turned 5. Noboru even said it on Noah's 5th birthday...just think next year at this time, you'll finally be able to sit in the bigger seats on the airplane. Poor kid, talk about people waiting with baited breath for Noah to turn 6! ; ) This was honestly the most anticipated birthday of Noah's ever! Everyone practically bursting at the seams for Noah to turn 6. In fact I am not sure if Noah or Noboru was more thrilled the day of his birthday. : ) So much so, Noboru cancelled our original flight back to Japan that was booked before he turned age 6 so it automatically put Noah in economy. But on July 7th Noboru got onto his lap top and booked us a new flight...the Delta system automatically keeps all family and people listed in the system with birthdays so it automatically knew Noah was age 6 and so it listed him in first class. Finally. One heck of a wait...but worth it totally. The seats are so big and fold out to a cocoon type bed. So Noboru and Branden sat together. And Noah being younger and needing me to walk him to the bathroom and probably help to cut his meal, I sat with Noah. Champagne or orange juice while the rest of the airplane boarded. I'm not a drinker, just never have been, so I just had the orange juice. We had a nice meal you could choose, chicken breast, beef or seafood. Choice of dressings etc. And then, the flight attendant came around and asked, if you'd like a strawberry sundae or hot fudge. I said hot fudge please. Poor Noah just sat there gobsmacked.....@_@ She waited for an answer, I said do you want to pick or do you want me to pick? He snapped out of it and said...hot fudge please. : ) Then she said..do you want whipped cream and nuts? We both said yes please. So, I sat enjoying my hot fudge sundae and hot coffee watching that new movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. "Just Go With It", I also watched..Unknown with Liam Neeson and The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. After that I must have drifted off to sleep for a bit and next thing you know the lady was gently touching my hand asking me if I had wanted breakfast.
Noah looking at all the cutlery they gave him for an icecream sundae. Look mommy they gave me a fork and a knife too. : ) Just don't use them then honey and use the spoon. : ) Noah watched Paul (we saw that at the movies in Guam in March but it's funny), and he also saw, Diary of a Wimpy Kid part 2, Roderick Rules. And watched another movie and I also caught him watching Nickelodeon, Phinneas and Ferb.
Branden and Noboru sat in the seats in front of us. They also had 2 snack areas, with all sorts of fruits, bananas, apples, oranges and chips and nuts all laid out, you could just pick what you wanted. Once while walking back from the bathroom, I picked a banana. And ate it at my seat/bed.
Breakfast was really great. Actually dinner was pretty delicious too. But breakfast was, scrambled egg and cheese on top a wheat english muffin, grilled ham and also some bread on the side with some butter, and a mini jam. And yummy fresh fruit and orange juice and I also had some coffee.
They kept passing us water so we could stay hydrated. : )
Noah eating his breakfast, I didn't use the flash because I didn't want to wake other passengers. : )