Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You'll never guess who's here!!!

If you guessed, my dad, you guessed right! ; ) Like I said I was tracking his flight the whole time. Since the whole day before. Everything went fine. However the plane that was supposed to leave to Guam the day before, because of airplane trouble. Didn't fly basically. So all those people were delayed a day. And now you had 2 planes full of people all trying to get on to the flight my dad was to be on. Meaning the people from the day before too. I saw when he arrived online. And I kept seeing a...."waiting for seat' sign. At about 10 minutes before take off, I saw a lot of people being assigned to the flight for today. At that point I knew he would be bumped. He's lucky he was bumped in Narita. Because we live near there. Can easily pick him up. So if he was to be bumped anyplace...this was basically the best place for it to happen... if it should happen. Finally I saw online...they did basically bump him. This was about 5pm-ish last night. Our household knew. We were eating supper. Waiting for that phone call form my dad at Narita airport. I went upstairs and made up the bed and put out a bath towel for him and again waited for that call. Noboru was home. Anyway the phone rang. The boys shouted...grandpa!!! The boys were so happy he was bumped by the way. @_@ Just because they love him so much. He phoned and said....Gina....I said...."dad I know you've been bumped, we will pick you up, what part of the airport are you at?" And wait for 25 minutes and look out for the white MPV. We hung up and hopped in the car and left. We saw about 10 other foreigners all waiting outside... they were also bumped from the same flight. Waiting to ride the hotel shuttle. : ( I ran over to where my dad was, and we leap frogged to where the car was parked while trying to avoid the big buses, taxi cabs etc. He spent a good hour talking to the boys at home, he tickled their feet and talked to Branden about swimming. Then the boys went to sleep. Noboru went to sleep. But my dad and I stayed up to 11pm talking and talking and talking some more. He said....I am so glad I was bumped. I said...you know me too. : ) He's leaving tonight. But it's cool we got a whole night with him and now a whole day today too.
He rode with me and we dropped off Branden first. My dad jumped out of the car and started snapping pictures of Branden. So many of his friends passed by. Branden's at the age where he was embarrassed grandpa was taking a few pics of him. My dad can't help it, he's just so proud. I even had to roll the window down and say...dad, look he's so embarrassed. He said...sorry Branden. Kids are pointing at my dad...say "hello...how are you" Meanwhile Branden is red faced. : ) : ) And next we drove home, he watched me make obento/lunch for Noah. And then he walked Noah all the way to class. Noah's at the age where he's not embarrassed a single bit. And he holds grandpas hand so tightly. : )

Today's plan? My dad and I are going out for lunch for ramen. I want to take him out to lunch at my favorite tantanmen place. He'll be taking Noah to swim school this afternoon. And then this evening after both the boys are home and able to spend some time with him. Then we'll drive him back to the airport.