Friday, June 24, 2011

The yochien fun in the sun, has officially begun!

In the Summer time our yochien really tries to make the most of the Summery months. And let the kids have a lot of fun as well. : ) Last Monday, Noah brought home a note, it said to bring some comfy clothes that they could get a bit dirty in, because they will be playing in the dirt. Filling up water guns and other various water squirting type instruments. Making mud pies and you know enjoying the nice weather, doing regular little kids in the Summer type stuff. So, I went upstairs and packed what was on the list. 1 pair of comfy shorts (orange from Target, lol) And 1 comfy tee (also orange and was on sale at an "end of Summer" type sale at the Gap, was super cheap I recall)...the note also said to pack 1 spare pair of undies in case the water guns etc wet their clothes too much and they need a dry pair. So 1 pair of Buzz Lightyear also went into the bag. The school sent the bag home with every kid and they name labeled them themselves, meaning the school. Packed and done. They should be playing outside like this about 4 times between June and when they break for Summer vacation in mid July. Noah brought this to school last week, as did the rest of the school. Now they're just waiting for the perfect day weather wise to enjoy themselves. : )
Then...last Friday, Noah brought home yet another note. Yep, we get notes almost daily. : ) Not to mention the big huge calender once a month with dates and days off, regular days and half days all marked. : ) Anyway the note from last Friday's splashing in the yochien pool time again. And to make sure to pack....1 swim suit...1 towel...this needs to be put in a plastic vinyl and yes they said vinyl bag. : ) They also said to bring an extra bag for the wet swim suit afterwards (I bought that Cars/Light Mc Queen plastic bag from the Daiso that way he could have a fun plastic bag for his wet clothes : ). Again, they'll have about 4-5 pool days between now and when school lets out/start of Summer break which is in July. So about 2 times a week from now until Summer break begins they will be playing and making mud pies or splish splashing in the pool. It's a very fun time of year for them. : )
Packed up everything the note said to gather and sure enough this Monday morning made sure Noah brought extra bag #2 with him. : ) Extra bag #1 was the play outfit up above. : ) So, now there is a swim bag at the yochien...and the play with the water guns/make mud pies type play clothes.

What else....oh yes. In Noah's school backpack also last Friday, there was a little ziplock type bag with colorful bugs printed on each paper. Aha, this must be for us "games mothers" I thought. After giving the papers a looksee, sure enough we were to cut them at home and send them back to the school on Monday, the same day Noah had to bring his swim wear. So, in a bit of my spare time, I cut....grasshoppers....praying mantis...beetles...dragonflies...and a few other things. : ) Placed the finished bug cutouts back into Noah's backpack until Monday when we could drop the finished ones into the school office.

There are many things happening at the yochien this time of year. Plus with the shaon kai stuff going on for us "last year" mom's. And for the Summer festival as well.

Plus a *very* important night for Noah. A rite of passage for the little guy...I'll post more about this later when I get a bit more time. : )