Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday's baking with the boys. Plus later that day, 3 little girl visitors.

Wednesday being Chiba Day and with both Branden and Noah not having school that day. I wanted to do some fun things with the boys. That morning after a little sleep in and then some breakfast, we baked some Heath toffee cookies together. Noah's job was getting everything we asked for from the pantry and spice rack. He also got out the measuring cups and spoons. Branden read the recipe and added the ingredients. Branden stirred first and Noah stirred after. I carefully watched. Meanwhile had the big oven preheating. And we baked 3 dozen cookies total.
They came out really well.
I meanwhile had the laundry hanging. The boys got dressed and so did I. We were going to go for a long walk, however 3 girls rang our doorbell before we left the house. Branden's clasmates. They asked if he could play and I could tell by his face and also Noah's face they wanted to. So, I guys should go. : ) And not to worry, I'll still go for my walk...except now I'll do the treadmill at home while you guys play in the backyard. Totally fine. : ) First I had to run and get the now dry clothes that was hanging on the boys playground.
And as you can see. 3 girls from Branden's class. ; ) Saya-chan far right with her pink Crocs, who also swims with Branden and does Kumon with both Branden and Noah. Hinano-chan in the center and Agaeha (sp?) chan on the far left. It's interesting to me to watch 98% of the time Branden plays with his guy classmates. And they play like rough and tumble boys type play. Soccer, they kick those balls so dangerously. They want to jump around the rice field area and search for frogs and other things down there. Or they jump in the trees looking for kabuto mushi, since they are so easy to find around here. But when the girls come over. Branden and Noah play so much more relaxed. The girls swung on the swings. One of the girls even brought her purse! ; ) The one in the middle had 2 piggy tails/pony tails. The one on the far right a nice pink ribbon in her hair. And the one on the left a very cool choppy layered hair do. ; ) I brought out 9 cookies for the girls. And I poked my head out of the big sliding glass doors in the kitchen and asked if they'd like some Natchan or Calpis. They all in unison said...Natchan please (in Japanese of course :). I passedthem each a plastic tumbler from Ikea with ice and they drank the orange juice and munched the cookies. They left our home around 3:30pm. They stayed for quite a few hours. While they were here playing with the boys. I did the treadmill for an hour....then watched TV and enjoyed myself. When they left is when I started in on dinner. Anyway....that's what we did for Chiba day. : )