Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Swimming school fun!!!

I haven't shared pics of the kids at swim school in forever it seems. I'll be sure to take some of Branden at swim school next chance I get (his swimming honestly blows me away). But for now, here's Noah's. Noah swims on a day, his 2 best friends swim. H and R. H swims in a different lane since he's a level 13 or 14. : ( But not to worry they play at swim club before swim school, they play in the holding area, do their exercise warm ups together. And then play for a few minutes in the locker room while we get them dressed. Noah swims in the same lane as R-kun though and S-chan. Here's Noah smiling at R-kun.
Noah's swimming is seriously really good.
A happy smiling Noah! : )
And a few more laps. The kids get good exercise, they are learning some crazy good swim skills! Plus they have fun with their friends outside of yochien/elementary school. : )