Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Saturday's backyard family bbq! : )

Last Saturday morning. Wow, it rained buckets. It seriously poured rain from 5am to nearly 11am in our parts. I even wondered to myself....would the rain keep going all day and night long? Or would it do as the forecast said and stop. It indeed did stop. We were relieved. But honestly we'd bbq rain, or shine or even snow. ; ) Anyway, here's Branden's sweet potato plant. From the sweet potatoes they grew at school, he was allowed to bring this home. We let Mr. sweet potato sit in a plastic tumbler of water and finally we planted the little fella. : )
Noboru and the boys planted him.
Meanwhile the bbq was on. The music played lightly. 80's stuff for us that day. We Chaka Khan-ed (Ain't Nobody and I feel for you.....We also Atomic dog-ed..bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yayed! ; ) Or however that song goes. : ) And also listened to some Heart...Magic Man... and.... All I Want To Do. And a few from Prince and Pump up the Volume From MARRS, lol. Just a mix of different stuff and eras probably too. : )
Branden and Noah swung on the swings. While the backyard smelled of a definite bbq going on.
Nothing fancy. Just a basic no frills but yummy bbq dinner. Ribs, roasted/grilled potato and roasted corn.
Noboru really isn't a drinker at all. But every once in a while he likes to have one. Meanwhile there's Noah getting down on that rib.
Branden too.
They each ate one slab. I had one. Noboru ate one and a half. We had leftovers. And the boys had ribs the next day for lunch.
We like to talk during our meals. Noah and Noboru told us about the "dad's observation day" that happened that morning. They apparently did a weather game since it was raining outside. Noah was on the cloudy team. ; ) Which is what's on his head....a pic of some clouds. We were all stuffed. The guys showered. I showered after. And there we were all relaxing on the couch. I said...I'm really having a sweet tooth right now. Which I rarely ever do. Noboru know so am I. So he said...everyone hop in the car and let's go to the Mini Stop. So, us all in our comfy clothes we all hopped in the little red car. I had nearly/almost dry hair. A black tee and black polka dot comfy shorts and black flip flops on (nearly Summer evening type weather, even the rain that morning was warm). Most people at that time of night were wearing something similiar anyway. Meaning no fashion shows going on, in the middle of the inaka at night around where we live. : )
So the boys picked icecream from the freezer section. Noah picked those Pino mini ones again, Branden picked a kakigori. And so Noboru and I were standing in the dessert section with another man and wife couple also wearing comfy kicking back at home type clothes : ) I whispered to Noboru, we must have all been thinking the same thing tonight. : ) They were they picked theirs. Noboru picked some strawberry type dessert custard thing with crepe in the cup, looked good. I meanwhile went for the chocolate dessert cup. We drove home and made quick coffees. We sat back in the living room, eating our desserts. Us sipping our coffee. And just basically chilling out and relaxing all Saturday night. We watched a dvd. The Green Hornet. The boys loved it. Noboru and I both thought it was okay/good. One part in particular, when the Green Hornet woke up wearing a diaper and Kato said he was out cold for 11 days (not just 10-30 minutes like the Green Hornet thought)....that part just cracked me up. : ) Anyway that was what we did last Saturday.