Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent dvd rentals. Plus, Glee, Dexter, Mad Men, The Jersey Shore and America's Next Top Model.

So what's everybody been watching lately? : ) As you know, we rent dvd's from Tsutaya Discas (4 a month) They do offer 8 a month and we tried that first, but 8 was too many for us. 4 is the perfect amount for our family. The last 2 from May, were these 2 choices. Noboru loves Jackass. A show that used to be on MTV. Just a handful of guys who would do pranks and stunts. Many times really wild or gross ones. Johny Knoxville, Bam Margera (so good looking) and the Weeman, Steve-o, etc. Noboru loves Jackass. He also loved Beevis and Butthead too though. ; ) Anyway he wanted to see their newest dvd, so when the boys went to sleep one night, during the last week of May, we watched this. Some funny stuff. We also watched, Kiss and Tell. This was a cute movie. A few laughs from this one.
The first 2 for June so far were...Tron, the boys loved this. And also the Green Hornet. Both Branden and Noah enjoyed both these movies quite a bit. I have yet to pick the 2 remaining movies for June and since June's nearly over, I better pick them today. : )

As for TV things I've been watching.

Mad Men. I knew this show was pretty popular in America. I heard on Anderson Cooper when they were cancelled a few months ago. : ( Anyway...we got the show here in Japan, starting with season 1 of course. And though, we're behind, I really like this show a lot. At first I thought....a show about an advertising agency...sounds so completely *boring* however I was wrong. It's so good. It sucked me right in and I now understand why it was so popular. All the cheating that goes on in that show. Wowsa! @_@ And the clothes and makeup from that era the shows supposed to take place in.... I find are so pretty. And January Jones is stunning, so pretty.

Glee...I am really enjoying Gwyneth Paltrow's appearances on Glee! The girl can sing! She's so talented, she really is...and funny as heck. And love her name on the show too....Holly Holliday. : ) Also the whole Quinn, Rachel, Finn triangle is heating up again. And Sue Sylvester is still just as naughty and bad as ever. That note she wrote for Will...that she was committing "Sue icide" @_@ Or when she pushed that other Glee coach down the stairs or whatever. LOL. She's hilarious. Kurt finally seems happy and the episode when they walked holding hands, I was happy for him.

Dexter meanwhile is heating up. This new season is so *so* great! Love that Julia Stiles is the guest star this season. Love her character Lumen. The story lines for this season are really good. Down right excellent actually.

America's Next Top Model. Just when you think girls can't possibly be any meaner to their fellow girl. This season surprises you. The one where the gal was so mad at her roommates she purposely stayed on the phone and hogged it for hours. Knowing full well that other roommates *needed* to use it to sort out some landlord issues. Did she feel sorry at all? Nope! Or when she rubbed her sweat on someone else. And the poor girl almost vomited and said it smelled like a boiled egg or whatever. Yuck!!!! Yeah gross right? I definitely had an "EEWWW" moment watching that episode. I liked the twins on the show. I'm glad Twiggy became one of the judges she has always seemed so nice. But wonder what happened to Janice Dickenson though too. Ms Jay and Mr. Jay always nice to see. Anyway yeah...ANTM is really good for the season we're getting.

The Jersey Shore..have watched every season. But I'll tell you. I am so unbelievably sick and tired of Sammi and Ronnie fighting. It seems that's all they do. I feel sorry for the rest of the roommates to have to hear that 24/7.... day in and day out. It would have given me a migraine eons ago. Are they together...or are they not? Decide already for crying out loud...and be done with it. PLEASE! These last few episodes..they got into a huge argument...they verbally abused each other again... but what's new there. Then...she flirted up some guys at the bar. He was jealous. He went home and took it out on her property...broke her glasses., her makeup cases..flat irons etc. He broke basically everything belonging to her...threw out her clothes on the upstairs patio and her bed too. I don't know if it's because I'm a mother...and know how expensive glasses are since Branden wears them. But watching Ronnie bust her glasses out of anger, made me incredibly angry. Or knowing how expensive....for example Mac studio fix is for example...and watching him throw and punch her make up kits etc. I just disliked seeing that. It seemed incredibly childish. Childish on both their parts. Gah!!!! Then she left the Jersey Shore house and went home back to her parents. Then he pondered leaving. Then Sammi actually came right back to the house.'s like watching a train's know it's bad and maybe you shouldn't watch it..yet you can't take your eyes off it. And I must not...because I tune in every single week. However there are also funny story lines too. Like who clogged their 2 toilets at the house. Or "The situation" always trying to pull a "robbery" meaning steal another guys girl. Love that duck phone they have too btw. And Vinny just always seem so kind and his nice family....well except his creepy uncle. lol.

Gossip Girl...the college years (don't read ahead if you're behind what Japan is showing on satellite). Hillary Duff guest starring as a Dan Humphrey love interest. And the whole Hillary...Dan and Vanessa thing that happened last week... just had me going like this @_@ last week. Serena (Blake Lively) putting off university for the time being. And Blaire having trouble fitting in, at her uni. Though I like that she pulled some strings and got Lady Gaga to come and sing.

Ghost Whisperer is getting really good lately as well.

Branden and Noah have been watching...Good Luck Charlie on the Disney channel. Ben 10 on CN, Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney), the Pink Panther and Tom and Jerry on CN.

Anyway that's about it for now regarding what we've been watching lately. A nice simple country life here in Japan. And at night or whenever when it's time to finally relax and take a load get to relax..I like having a few good shows/programs I like to watch weekly. I'm not anti TV. And I'm not a major couch potato either. : ) I'm more like a....look forward to a few of my favorite programs during the week type gal. I enjoy having a few favorites. : )

PS...also love the cooking shows. The Giada De Laurentiis cooking program (Everyday Italian) happens to be one of my favorites on the Foodies TV channel.

PSS...I'm sure a few of you might have seen on the Yahoo news or elsewhere that Ryan Dunn from Jackass just a few days ago. He was the guy with the beard. We had recently rented the newer dvd, as you know. And he was in it quite a bit of the new movie. So we were shocked and saddened to hear that. Then the whole...Roger Ebert ..what he apparently twittered about regarding that. Caused a huge backlash. Bam Margera was pissed by it. And I gather a whole bunch of people were. So much so... he apologized for the original tweet. Wow! : ( And for the record...I definitely think drinking and driving are wrong obviously (in fact I don't drink at all, and Noboru drinks maybe twice a year tops/at the most) : ( Anyway, hopefully things will simmer and cool down in time regarding that. : (