Saturday, June 04, 2011

Noah's Summer uniform switch, Branden's observation day and "the big" fire drill at the school!

Everything in this title was all done on 1 single day! All done on June 1st. I woke up, got breakfast made for both Branden and Noah. Branden needs a thermos now from now until undokai in August. So, I didn't forget Branden's thermos either, phew! Noah and I dropped off Branden. Drove home. By now it was like 7:38am. We came in. Noah watched cartoons while I made obento. Also got out ice and filled thermos #2 and packed his obento into Noah's school backpack and laid it in the genkan and stood his Pokemon thermos next to it, so I didn't forget. Had Noah get his socks on, white under shirt and brush his teeth meanwhile I switched shirts and combed my hair. ; ) Then we went into Noah's room and I got his uniform on. Around 8:30am we left the house. Drove to the city sort of near us. I parked the car and dropped off Noah good morning-ed and smiled at his sensei and left. Drove all the way back home. Hung out the laundry. And then ran upstairs put my make up on. Did my hair. And now switched to something presentable to wear. Nothing fancy of course just something a little better then a jogging suit. ; ) At 9:45am I left the house and headed to the elementary school.
One extra pic of the Summer uniform boy! ; )
I asked Branden what class do you want me to visit the most? He said science. So that is the class I showed up for. How many volts are in a AA battery? These kids know! This thing Branden is holding. And I said thing because it has wheels where it came be a car but it also has a helicopter type pieces. So it can truly be what each kid wants to make it.
Here the teacher was asking about positive sides and negative sides of the battery which would make the light shine brighter. It was actualy pretty interesting. Kouiki-kun's mom was back there. Boy next door's mom was back there too but she also has 1 more younger son so she was going back and forth between both son's classes which looked hard. : ( And a few other mom's too. You could come any time of day this particular observation day. Some observation days are free where you can show up anytime and sometimes we also have some observation days where up at such and such time, more time specific. ; ) These kids are getting so smart! By the way....see the girl in the pink shirt to the left of this picture striped pink shirt with pink sleeves? She wrote Branden a very interesting "love" type letter a few weeks back. It sort of surprised Noboru a little when he read it. He just said..she's very mature. Ha ha ha. Anyway maybe more on that later. Anyway...I stayed for the entire hour. I then went home. Walked all the way down the hill to my car which was parked at the Plaza and then went home. By this time, I barely had time to vacuum. Prep for dinner. And had some corn potage soup with a cracker for my lunch and went and did my afternoon pick ups. Picked up Noah and then came home. Branden had a huge fire drill that day. Not just a regular small fire drill the kids do at school. Nope. This one was conducted after school and the school asked all the parents to do a mock "after a fire' pick up and to have the kids walk all the way home. Noboru was now home. And he said he'd take over from here. And he'd do the fire drill part at the school. Which was fine by me, because frankly I'd been feeling like I was on the gogogo all day long And if he was willing to go to the elementary and do the fire drill and walk all the way home, more power to him. I was pretty thankful for that. : ) Besides I was at home watching Noah and I also was cooking dinner so it wasn't like I was taking a snooze at home or anything. : )
Noboru took these. They always come out by class.
So many mothers and yes a few fathers.
All the kids from the school. There's Branden and his bright turquoise shirt to the left sitting down near his teacher. And the girl with the pink shirt sitting right next to him.
More parents. When Noboru and Branden finally made it home, he said....49 minutes. It took them 49 minutes to get home. Which is amazing because it is a 5 minute drive but yes in the country side it does take forever to pass all those rice fields on foot I guess. I gave them each a drink since I knew they were thirsty. Branden did homework and we ate dinner. Phew what a day but we made it. And since it was on Wednesday we knew we just passed the hump. So the weekend was all the more closer. Wait until you find out what happened to me at the yochien the following day though. I was so sore and walking around like a stiff "Robbie the robot" up until yesterday because of it!!!! : ) All us white hat mother's were punished. I'll just leave you with that to think about...until I can get that posted. : )