Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Noah's observation day and the first Summer festival meeting.

I didn't forget to tell you all about, how all of us white hat mothers (blue badge) at the yochien ended up very sore. But let me start at the beginning first real quick. Go grab a coffee if you want to, before you start reading. : )
Let see, got up, did the breakfast thing x2. Filled Branden's thermos and drove him to school. Came home. Made obento, filled thermos #2. Hung out the laundry. If you recall the day before Branden was wearing the bright turqouise polo type top, and shorts, you can see it hanging out to dry the following day. Did all the laundry, swimming school towels etc, kids pj's, their undies and lunch mats and Branden's spare gym uniform. I got all the laundry hung, got myself dressed and makeup on. Noah dressed and we left.

So last Thursday was Noah's observation day. We got into the school. Not counting the Summer festival time when I was in there for the game booth....I haven't stood in the blue badge class for years! My first time in a long time. Anyway, we were sent home a note since last week that we'd all be doing art and gym. Okay, so we were all told to not wear a dress or skirt (hmm we seem to get these notes a lot ; ). The pink badges went and did gym class first with the gym teacher upstairs. Meanwhile we started with regular class. They sang about 5 songs. And then the Yayoi sensei unwrapped this huge paper scroll and it had directions and a step by step process...it said we were to make origami snails. 5 of them in different sizes. With glue and crayoned little faces on them. They made the background paper blue sky with rainbow, the day before. So, after giving us parents instructions, we each went to our child and we did that. Noah made all 5 origami snails. And we then glued them onto purple hydrangea water colored paper flowers and glued those onto the blue background. We together colored faces on each of the snails, I gave each snail eyes and antenna and Noah did smiley faces on each snail, lol. When we were done, we still had about 30 minutes of time left before it was our turn to start gym class. So, it was free time. So, some kids got out clay and played with their clay. Some kids got out their sketch pads and drew some...meanwhile some kids whipped out books and read. Noah took out his sketch pad and started writing his name in English and then in Japanese. And then started drawing faces and whatnot. Then we went upstairs. And the kids started gym.

You know this gym teacher always has us poor mothers do something really wild. last year he had all the mothers flip over the horse. We're lucky none of us killed ourselves! Ha ha ha. Seriously. He's sorta tough on us mom's! ; ) But I'd have to say this year was the toughest by far! : ) But...it was all in good fun and the kids enjoyed it.

He started with warming up the kids. And then it was our turn. He said..okay mothers. Speaking in very fast Japanese (lucky for me I could understand him just fine and had no problem with that phew), when I toot/blow my whistle once bend down...and when I toot my whistle twice like this...toot toot. You jump high in the air. Okay ready???? And if he isn't blowing the whistle at all you are to jog in place. So, here we were all jogging in place and then he tooted once and I went down. Then he tooted twice so I jumped high in the air. I gather about 8 mothers behind me got it wrong? I was busy... so wasn't looking myself. But he sorta fronted them off in front of the rest of us. Ha ha ha. So he said...to them. Not me. But with a big smile and in a kidding tone he said to them in Japanese... Do you ladies UNDERSTAND??? @_@ So, here we went again. This lasted only about a few minutes (but it felt like forever). Many were tired. I meanwhile have been working out like a fanatic since January so I was okay. Not the next day mind you... but I'll get to that later. ; )

Anyway..then the kids turn. He started numbering them 1...2...3. 1...2..3. Noah was a #1. The kids started doing "kimi taiso" where one kid bends down on the ground, their knees and arms on the ground and the other 2 kids put their legs on that kids back. And pose. Little did us mothers know that we would also be doing this. So after the kids were done. We all clapped then the gym teacher said...okay mothers whatever # your child was is the # you are! @_@ Gasps heard from a few. I laughed because I was thinking...he's kidding right? Right? No he was not kidding! So, Miu-chan's mom bent down. And Hikaru-kun's mom and I held our bodies on opposite sides of Miu-chan's mom and we held our bodies by only our arm strength and had our legs on Miu-chan's mom. She took both our weight. The kids loved it though they were shouting and clapping for us moms! I admit this was actually sort of fun, just never thought I'd ever be doing this though. Talk about an active morning.

Then, the gym teacher started throwing red circles and blue circles on the floor. He said come here mothers. @_@ Think of American football where 2 teams rush each other. And you sort of get the idea of this next game. Noah is a white hat by the way. So is the Jogo-san's daughter, H is also a white hat. Miu-chan is a white hat. Anyway. He said white hat mom's your color is blue. red hat mom's your color is red. Obviously. When I blow my whistle...you rush to the middle but while scooting by your butt. Yes by butt! @_@ And your object is to flip them all and make them all blue. Red hats you want to also flip them all to make them red. So here we went rushing towards one another ala braveheart! Ahhhhhh! Kids all sitting watching like this @_@ And while scooting on the booty we all flipped all the red ones to blue but they went right behind us and flipped them back! We were losing! 10 each color. He blew his whistle and we scooted all the way back to our start place. And he started counting. I quickly counted in my head and saw we lost. No big deal right? WRONG! Very big deal. : ) This gets even funnier.

He said okay losing team. Stand up please. that was us. And give me 20 leg squats. And please don't give me 20 lazy leg squats. Give me all the way down full 20 leg squats. And keep your arms out like this. We were stunned. So the red hat moms were chuckling and laughing. And the kids all watched and thought it was hilarious. And so there we went. 20 full and complete leg squats. Alright thank goodness that's over with I thought. Wrong! ; )

The gym teacher said...okay kids turn. So there our kids went to play the same game, Noah and his friends went and scooted across the floor...and they flipped the circle colored pieces. And we thought, gym is almost finished so no worries. Phew! Then, the kids lost...our team lost. The gym teacher said..okay mothers your kids lost, so here is what you have to do. 20 butt kicks. Jump high in the air and actually kick your own butt with your feet. And he further added don't give me lazy ones that look like this. And he showed us his example of a lazy one. The red hat mom's were chuckling. We were laughing but some of the mom's were getting rather sore. Gee we never expected this. : ) So there we went, 20 butt kicks. And kick our butts they did! : )

Gym class finished. And the other mothers like the rest of the whole school amount of mothers were all waiting out in the hall waiting for the first "Summer festival" meeting to begin. The kids went downstairs. And we started our meeting.

I just wanted to say.....I love this yochien. I'm so comfortable here. I am in my element here. I know them all, they all know me. Granted the gym class we just did was a bit extreme but the kids enjoyed it. And it was all in good fun. Anyway we started the meeting. I signed up to be in the game team. I knew I was going to sign up for the game team since a long time ago, I like the games the best, have always done the games every year here. The meeting wasn't so long. After the meeting was over, my friend and I went downstairs. And we looked at the photos they're selling from the school picnic day. I bought the class photo and 5 picture singles.

Drove home. Had lunch and it began to sprinkle some rain now, so went outside to bring the dry clothes in.... then swung back to do my afternoon pick ups. I felt fine body wise. It wasn't until the day after when I woke up that I felt super sore. So sore...that I walked really stiff. Sorta like the tin man or like "Robbie the robot" @_@ I have been taking 2 Advil's in the mornings and 2 at night. 1 just wasn't enough and usually 1 Advil is more then enough for like PMS etc, but my sore muscles were so bad I needed 2. I only needed to take the Advil for 2 days, Friday and Saturday was my last sore day.

When Noboru got home that night. And I told him how us white hat mothers were essentially punished if we lost. He thought that was the most hilarious thing he's ever heard. Him picturing me, the Jogo-san and H's mom etc all getting tortured like that. He found that to be the funniest thing he ever heard. Noah told Branden all about it too. And so, I walked so stuff all Friday and Saturday. Now I am fine of course and back to normal. Noboru said...maybe before you didn't work that muscle group so much. But you certainly worked it now! @_@ Ha ha ha. By now...Wednesday of the following week. I feel actually really great. So great in fact I should do those leg squats weekly. Just once a week. But yeah my thighs and butt feel great now. Last Friday and Saturday no way but now...I feel really good. I think during the Summer months if the gym teacher isn't busy he should be a personal trainer. He'd be perfect for that. : )

PS, sorry no pics were allowed at Noah's observation day. Clearly I would have had no chance to take one while I scooted around on my butt in gym class or doing leg squats. But it would have been nice to take pics of the snails or something. : ) Sorry.