Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No school today for the boys and also my dad's in Denver right now.

Today both Branden and Noah don't have school. Noboru says today is Chiba Day. Either way, both boys are home and that means no running here or there for me today at all. Bliss! : ) I do however have laundry to hang (yes I slept in, yay). And I also want to do some baking with the boys today and maybe take them on a walk or bike ride. : ) And try and fit in some blog time if I can manage it.

Meanwhile....my dad is in Denver right now. He left Guam yesterday and flew through Narita and directly to Minnesota and transferred on to Denver. He's using a buddy pass. He'll be there 6 days 5 nights. I have been following his flight a bit last night and a bit this morning. He arrived in Denver for us in Japan...this morning around 6:30am. I'm sure he's exhausted and will be terribly jet lagged but it's good for him to go home and visit our family. Anyway...I hope he has a lovely visit. :) Now knowing he's arrived safely, I can now breath a sigh of relief. : ) Have fun dad! : )