Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dad's 1 day visit and a new swim level for Noah

My dad and Noah around 2:20pm, we had just gotten home after being out all day. My dad and I, had went to lunch, we had tantanmen and deep fried gyoza. Then after that, we went to the Daiso and spent a good hour there. And then we even picked the boys up a donut pack (those mini donut ball kind) before heading to pick up Noah from yochien.
The Lightning McQueen bag Noah used for swimming at the yochien. A beach ball to take on vacation, next week. Mini sodas because my dad said the boys "needed" them, lol. @_@ A ball for dodgeball and for bouncing and 2 flashlights. Because on Skype the boys have told my dad how they now like to sleep with flashlight now. : ) Kids. : ) An origami book. And a whole bunch of other things that my dad picked and said he thought both Branden and Noah absolutely "needed". Life or death situation right? ; ) Ehhh my dad and the boys are really close. And it made him happy picking things for his only 2 grandchildren.
What my dad picked for himself or for his friends in Guam. Yep, he apparently thought one of his friends would get a kick out of toe socks, lol. : ) Also he says he keeps leaving his costlier sunglasses at home on accident. And many times needs a pair, so he bought these cheap pair to keep in his car all the time. He also bought a writing paper set....paper and envelops because he actually enjoys writing his friends real letters as well as email.
2 of those mini donut ball packs for both Branden and Noah. And 1 donut each for the rest of us too.
While my dad and I were watching Noah swim, we phoned Branden on my cell, my dad told him...there's a pack of donuts for you on the green counter. Branden asked my dad...grandpa whose stuff in on the kitchen table. While it's yours...yours and Noah's. meanwhile, Noah ate his donuts before swim class. : ) Noah starts swimming at 3:15pm, so we must be there by 3pm. Branden meanwhile got out at 3:30pm that day so Noboru picked up Branden and was home with Branden while we were able to handle swim class. And then headed back afterwards. : )
So there we were. Everyone in the world has been telling my dad to buy a digital camera, meanwhile he's still not sure : ) Anyway he took about 5 pictures of Noah down in the pool. I took some too. : ) He's so incredibly proud of both Branden and Noah, typical grandparent. : ) He sat there dazzled for the entire class.

It sure takes a lot of dedication to come here week after week. Month after month, year after year. But they love it. And I like them learning a life skill like swimming, it is pretty important. And Branden loved getting that trophy last year so much for mastering every technique and all levels, so he felt really accomplished. And Noah now wants that trophy as well. : )
It turned out to be a test day, go figure. My dad's been to swim club many times before, but he's never seen them actually come out with the "pass" paper. My dad was happily surprised. Noah gave the secretary 105 yen. And she in turn congratulated him and gave him his award paper with new badge on it. : )
When we got home Branden was so totally waiting. He did not want grandpa to go.: ( And neither did Noah. I didn't want them to be sad, so I switched it and made it a positive thing versus a negative one. I said...look how lucky you are, that you got to see grandpa in March and plus we are planning to see him in August when we head to Guam. But look at it this got 1 great day with grandpa. Am I right. Plus also consider a lot of kids who can't see their loving grandparents as often as you. : ( So please consider that too. And you will realize how lucky you are. So no time to be sad now..... Alright? Be happy. Glass half full or glass half's not an...I *only* got to see grandpa for 1 day. Instead how lucky you got to see grandpa for 1 special day. Right. And that seemed to do the trick. Their frowns turned upside down. Back to smiling boys. : ) It's not always what life gives's how you take or handle the situation. How you see things. Anyway... I'm glad they can learn from what I'm saying. : )
My dad asked about Branden's day. And Branden told him every little detail. And then before you know it, we had to take my dad back to Narita airport.
Sky priority is the business class/first class. Noboru went with my dad to check in. Noboru is protective of my dad too and wanted to make sure my dad eased right through the check in process. Because this was not a trip trip...It was a bumped trip. So now my dad was about to head through the TSA part... but there was a line. Branden and Noah were hugging him and telling him how much they love him. I hugged my dad really tightly and then... we all said like we always do...."it's not goodbye's see you later" And we all felt better and said...see you . : )
Noboru said...I don't want to leave the airport until your dad's flight leaves. This surprised me a little bit. He didn't mention it before, but I totally understood why. : ) He was worried about my dad being bumped again, which he wasn't. Anyway so we had an hour to kill at Narita airport. Noboru wanted to head to Uniqlo. He bought himself a pair of house shorts. Gray with an orange and white stripe. Cute ones. We loved this Ohsho tee. : ) But Noboru just needed the shorts. Under 1000 yen.
When we realized that yes, my dad got on the plane. About 5 minutes to departure. We went on the view area..on the deck area.

Noah had a full day. A day at yochien, an hour of swimming and getting to spend time with grandpa. We knew we'd be at a restaurant that evening because with us....being at the airport that long. No worries though. Noboru took us all to Saizeriya after we left the airport. : )
Many Delta planes. Since this is the terminal/area where they are.
Noboru called Branden and Noah over and gave them each 100 yen. Noboru said to me..."you know....when I was growing up, I always wanted to look through those pay binocular type things but my parents never let me. And I never forgot that. So....I don't want to be like that." My heart broke hearing that...though his parents are nice generous people, they were somewhat strict from what I heard from Noboru. I understand, I told him. : ) And so, he unzipped his change area on his wallet and gave both Branden and Noah 100 yen to enjoy the view. : )
And boy did they enjoy it!
Branden saw a few planes take off!
Noah enjoyed himself too.
Delta! : )
Noboru's house shorts in the Unqilo bag. And my eyebrow mascara in the smaller bag. : ) Anyway that was my dad's fast 1 day with us. We went to Saizeriya after leaving the airport, for dinner like I said. And then we drove home. Everyone took showers. A little unwind time and then off to bed. It was a full day but a worth it full day. : )
Noah the newest #9! Congratulations Noah, we are so proud of you! : )