Thursday, June 02, 2011


With knowing Noah's uniform would need changing June 1st. I went through his Summer uniform things in his closet last week. He had 4 short sleeve dress shirts all in great shape and ready for wear (2 came from Branden), 1 pair of Summer shorts (another pair were thrown away by me last year because they were outgrown plus some of the seaming came undone but since they were outgrown, they were just tossed instead). And also Noah's smock was outgrown so that needed changing as well. Also the hat, he was using Branden's straw hat but it pretty much bit the dust last year, so that also needed to be replaced. So from the uniform shop I picked up 1 straw hat, 1 short sleeve dress shirt (now he has 5 short sleeves total, which is more then enough), 1 smock and 1 pair of gray Summer uniform shorts. That's all. This Monday, I washed this very small load of new items and considering it was raining outside I dried them up in the dryer before Noboru and I left the house to go to Hanamasa. Of course we sent both Branden and Noah to school already that morning. So the Summer uniform stuff cleaned and ready for June 1st. Done. Phew. : )
Their prices of whole chickens is always so fair. We bought the 2 pack, that way we'd have leftovers. I think I'll bake this on this coming Sunday evening or this coming Monday. The reason, I would like to use some of that roasted chicken for a wrap for Noah's obento.
After we left Hanamasa. Noboru suggested we go and have some lunch at the Ohsho. I agreed. However they don't open until 11:30am. So we had 30 minutes to kill. So, we went to Joyful Honda's gardening department area to look around. I love looking around the gardening department so much.
As we were parking the car. And it was still raining by the way. Noboru said "oh how cruel" I said...what??? @_@ He said, "leaving the dogs for sale outside like that." Clearly with him also parking the car he missed the fact they were not real, they were in fact statues or ceramic dogs. ; ) I said...."honey they're not real dogs, look!!!" After getting out of the car and having a closer look. He was quite embarrassed. : ) It did make us both laugh though as we entered the store. So funny!
We went to the Ohsho and had lunch. I had a fried rice, gyoza and egg drop soup. Noboru had a gyoza combo with salad and karaage and stuff.
On our way home from the restaurant Noboru wanted to go into a fishing goods store. OMG, I find fishing so boring. But I know he loves it. It's his one hobby he really really enjoys. And Noboru likes taking Branden and Noah. It's also a very cheap hobby. Doesn't take too much room in the shed. So, I have no reason to complain in the least, so I won't. : ) He is meanwhile like a kid in a candy store in there. He could stay in there forever! How I feel about being in a Target is probably how he feels about being at a fishing good store. He said do you want to come in with me. I said..sure. : ) I tried really hard to stay interested. And Noboru was quite happy. He bought Branden and Noah each a fishing pole. A shrimping pole which is a little different then a fishing pole. They are very cheap, I think Noah's was 499 yen and Branden's was 599 since he needed a longer size since he's taller then Noah. He is planning to take the boys "shrimping" this Sunday, weather permitting.
Whole chickens. Can't wait to roast these. Pork chops. And a nice big pork roast. That I'll either turn into niku jaga or curry. I have ingredients at home for both ways anyway, so I'll see how I feel when it comes time to making it. : )
Tortillas and broccoli.
Rice from Hokkaido. After we unloaded the groceries, I prepped dinner ingredients for Monday's dinner. And then went around and did my afternoon pick up of the boys. Kumon run and swimming club. And then a big yahoo after everything was done/finished for the day. I love the evenings after everything is done for the day, we all just enjoyed a meal, the dishes just went into the dishwasher. And every one's showered and homework is done. And we can all just sit and relax together. Anyway that was Monday of this week. ; )