Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going to the movies and lunch date with my husband! : )

Last week...Tuesday morning, as soon as we sent both Branden and Noah to school. Noboru and I headed to the morning movie that started at 10am. We had planned ourselves a little date, a movie date and lunch date to follow. : ) Our choice was either Black Swan or The newest Pirates movie. Since we saw Black Swan in the airplane on our way to California. We decided to go to see the newest Pirates installment.... Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
There were about 50 or so people at the morning movies all seeing different things. However, I think besides Noboru and I, and about...let's see 3 ladies who sat in front of us. And about 5 people who sat 2 rows behind us. So the movie we were actually seeing was pretty dead. There was the Japanese dubbed version in the theater right next to the one we were in. And the English version with Japanese subtitles, that's the one we chose. The movie would be in 3-D.
We got a combo, a medium popcorn and a large drink. Isn't that a very smallish size medium? : ) It's about an American size small. : ) But we had breakfast at home (waffles) and we would be eating lunch right after the movie, so this was more then enough. The movie was pretty good. No Emmy award winning performance or anything granted, but we enjoyed our morning at the movies well enough and we laughed a few times so we were satisfied. : )
We went to have ramen afterwards. I had the tantanmen. Noboru had a different type of ramen. And we shared the deep fried gyoza, omg! It was so delicious. All in all, we enjoyed our date and we had so much fun together. And we even saw a new movie coming out from a movie poster hanging in the movies on the wall and we both want to see it as soon as it comes out. Anyway that was our date from last Tuesday. ; )