Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fishing with dad!

Sunday both Branden and Noah went fishing with their dad. Noboru has been looking forward to fishing with the boys all week. And the boys as well. This pic is of them holding poles and tackle boxes. Noboru was in the shed getting something else out before they left. They went from 9am, as soon as they ate the breakfast I made for them. And didn't come back until 5pm. The time Noboru and I agreed upon, we had to have a matching time, because I needed to know when to make sure dinner was ready. Noboru let them go to 7-11 and pick their own lunch.. sandwiches and bag of chips and drink. And they were excited. : ) Noah caught 2 shrimp and 1 fish. Branden caught 3 fish, they catch and release.
What did I do with my free time Sunday? Well, I spent 1 hour and no more in Branden's room. I flipped up his mattress and vacuumed under his bed which this is what's under his bed...nothing. I vacuumed it super good, the whole entire room. I vacuum all the rooms during the week anyway, but it was nice to get a more thorough vacuuming by flipping that heavy mattress. I had both Branden and Noah's comforters air drying outside. And had stripped both Branden and Noah's sheets and pillow cases and washed them and dried them in the dryer. Cleaned all Branden's windows and dusted every single blind in Branden's windows. The front side of the blinds and back side of the blinds. @_@ Then the dryer beeped and I made both the boys beds in their rooms. And not to leave Noah out, I cleaned his room from top to bottom the day before. I tell ya, not a spider or a cobweb to be found in their rooms. I also threw out 2 big bags full of Noah's toys, the day before but it's not that type of trash day for a while... so I'll have to hold onto those until June 14th or so (but they're all bagged and packed). Just the old junky Mc D's type toys or broken toys. All the good ones stayed. And he still has 2 full to the brim amount of toy boxes. So, an hour of cleaning Branden's room and fresh bedding for them both. After that hour. I went downstairs. Blogged for about 35 minutes. Got that up and posted. And then, I decided if I should watch TV or exercise. I went on Spark. Had a few emails on there from my Spark friends. And I decided to do a little exercise. Because frankly slimming down is really awesome! I like how it feels. And it's not like it takes me forever to do it. So, I got on my treadmill turned on my ipod and I had no idea how long I'd be on, but I really liked the music picked for me from the shuffle and so I stayed on for 30 minutes. Go figure. And then I did 100 stomach crunches (which now take me no time at all). And didn't really feel like doing more. So, 1 hour cleaning the boys rooms, 35 minutes blogging and 45 minutes working out (30 minutes treadmill the rest for the crunches) and the rest of my day free....I had pork in the crock pot for the curry I'd be making... so dinner was pretty much easy. And I sat basically from 1-5pm, on the couch....totally enjoying myself watching TV with a comfy pillow and blanket just relaxing. I did what I had to do beforehand. So, no guilt at all. I knew the boys were off having fun with Noboru. And I just enjoyed myself. Yes around 4:30pm, I transferred the things from the crock pot to the stove into a pan. And added the veggies they boiled, then turned soft and then I added the roux, turned off the stove and waited for them to come home. When they came home, the 3 of them jumped in the shower, thank goodness for a big shower and bathing area. They got clean, came down stairs in their comfy clothes. Put their fishing clothes in the laundry basket. And we had dinner. They told me all of their fishing stories. How some older fisherman approached Noboru and said..."excuse what language are they speaking?" Meaning Branden and Noah. He said, English, their mother is American. He said, wow it sounds so amazing, apparently he had heard the boys flip languages all day long and he was just gobsmacked by it all that he had to come talk to Noboru about it. @_@ The boys speak to each other in English always. Then they speak to other fishermen in Japanese then flip back and speak to each other. This doesn't raise an eyebrow in our family at all.... but it apparently did for this "grandpa type" fisherman. And all 6 or so fisherman were standing near the same area and the areas quite quiet, so they could hear them.

By the way...It's Wednesday now. Noah is off school today. Teacher planning day. Branden's at school. And Noboru has work in a few hours. But where do you think he is now? He's getting 2 hours of fishing in, as we speak. : ) It makes him happy, so I'm happy. But....it's lightly sprinkling rain right now. I know that will not deter him...he loves fishing that much. I can just picture him now...rain coming down... but there he is with his fishing pole and a big smile on his face. Ha ha ha. @_@ : )