Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This is what Noboru got this year. All the kids at yochien made their dad's faces. If you recall, Noah also made my face at Mother's Day and was pretty spot on. Noboru ohhhed and ahhed when Noah presented this to him this Father's day. The portrait Noah made. The orange shirt card. And the 2 homemade felt coasters he worked really hard on at the yochien all last week. : ) Noah was so proud to bring these treasures home last Friday (and he kept them in his closet until Sunday. Noboru pronounced these the best things he's ever seen. I did too and so did Branden. : )

So, after the boys went to sleep. Noboru was in the kitchen, I was in there to, just grabbing a drink or something. I saw Noboru looking at his portrait. I said what? He said...nothing. I said what? He said...he made you so cute when he did your portrait. He really captured you. Look at mine. He gave me jet black hair and really really tiny eyes. Awww, I said, well you do have jet black hair. And smiled and didn't say anything more. The next morning, Noboru said..."you know Noah honey... I love my picture but I just got one question for you" what are those black dots on my face around my mouth area. Noah replied very calmly and kindly..."while daddy that's your face hair, you don't shave everyday, so I couldn't leave that out" @_@ Ohhh ohhh, yes I see, Noboru said. I was just quietly stirring my coffee in the kitchen, I wanted to laugh but I just smiled and said nothing. : ) Noboru's stubble captured in time..frozen forever by our lovely 5 year old Noah! : )

Anyway...I just had to capture this moment in time here. So, I had to blog this one. 5-10 years from now, we'll all get a smile from this one! : )