Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Costco Makuhari run

Last week in the evening (Tuesday) after both Branden and Noah got out of school. The four of us headed to Costco Makuhari.
They had really cute Osh Kosh jinbeis. This is the last year Noah will have to wear one for the Summer festival. Since this Summer will be the last Summer festival for us. So, we bought him the cute madras one on the right. The price was right and the festival only lasts 3 hours. So under 1,500 yen was just about right. About US $15.
We quickly shopped, considering the time it was and given the drive back, we quickly got a pizza and 1 icecream cup on the way out and jumped on the highway to head home. Here the boys were sharing this on the escalator. On our way to the MPV.
By now it was pitch black/dark outside, but we got a few things we really needed so it was worth it. A three pack of pasta sauce.
Toilet paper.
2 packs of 72 waffles each. @_@ That's a whole lotta frozen waffles right there! The price was like 1500 or so for a box. So worth it. And they sell them also on the flying pig online for like 1700 odd yen and given it saves us a drive and the toll fee, we might just start buying these from the flying pig. We love these!
A case of movie theater popcorn. Dinner rolls, tortillas, and wheat bread.
And the pizza we threw in the oven to get rewarmed. Good thing dinner was this that night. We were hungry by the time we finally got home. : )
Good thing we have a huge fridge...they all fit with room to spare.
And the one jinbei that is now hanging in Noah's closet. It was a long drive, but worth it, because we really needed the waffles and the popcorn.: ( And finding the jinbei we'll need for the Summer festival for Noah was really nice to find. This way we can relax since we already have it...and won't have to go looking all over for one this coming July.