Thursday, June 02, 2011

Branden's kodomo kai last Saturday

Last Saturday for all the kids who go to the elementary school there was another kodomo kai. It's for kids just in our town. These are pretty common in Japan. Siblings are allowed, but when we asked Noah if he'd like to go a month ago, he passed. Oh well, he'll go next year when he's an ichinensei. This is like a kids club where there are games and prizes and food and drinks. It's really fun for the kids. According to the paper it was from 8:30am to noon. I dropped off Branden at 8:20am. He had his cell so he could call me anytime. And although they had the coupon that allowed them to play the games and get a hot dog and stuff, we gave Branden 500 yen just in case. He only spent an extra 200 yen and brought us back the 300 yen change. At 11:45am, Noah and I went to the plaza to pick him up. We figured more then likely the parking lot would be packed with all the parents picking up their kiddos. Which yes the parking lot was packed to the gills. I was in the process of turning my car around and Branden just happened to see my car from inside the building. I said, it's okay I know I got here a little early. By now it was like 11:50am. He said no a lot of kids are going home now and I'm ready too. Okay. : ) So he hopped in my car got strapped in and we went home and had lunch. It was a rainy weekend last weekend. With a typhoon even supposed to go our way that Sunday (the day after). But it must have lost it's steam because we didn't really get any more (or less) then we got on Saturday.
Branden brought all these treats home from the kodomo kai. And in the paper cup was popcorn. Our town has a big popcorn popper and every kodomo kai they always get really delicious popcorn. : )