Monday, June 20, 2011

Bits from the weekend!!!

Saturday after breakfast. Noboru took the boys fishing again. Not very far. Just about a 5 minutes (at the most) drive from our house. There are a lot of canals near the rice fields. And they have a favorite little area that they go to often. Here's Noah Saturday fishing!
Branden also fishing and having fun.
Branden caught about 8 fish. Black bass.
Noah caught 3. He's getting really good. When they came home, they went straight into the shower. And tossed their clothes in the laundry basket (again). I meanwhile did laundry Saturday, did my treadmill and just laid back on the couch, channel surfing. It was a very typical weekend for us, but a very nice one. : )
Also, my doorbell rang Saturday just as I got off the treadmill. It was the mailman. I was stumped. I wasn't expecting anything in the mail. Hmm. And then it hit me. Oh yes....that's right! When I spoke to my mom on the phone last Monday, she did tell me she was sending me a card, so to be on the lookout for it. I thanked the mailman and went inside with my package.
She sent me a very cute card. And I did rub my hand across the card like it said. ; )
My mom sent me $5,000.00 US. Thank you mom, I'm sure you reading this. : ) I'm blessed to have 2 very loving parents the way I do. And for that I feel really lucky. I know I write a lot about my dad. And he's totally the best. But my mom's also really amazing as well. She's a very loving mom and a very equally caring and loving grandma to Branden and Noah. She sends them gifts cards for every holiday, birthday etc. She also gives them tons of love and skypes them as well every single week and they can see each others faces and hear each others voice. And though she's far too private of a person to ever want to appear on my blog (which is totally fine). She's a pretty important part of our lives. Granted she's happily married in California so I don't worry as much about my mom as I always worry about my dad (though yes I still worry). It's just I'm a daddy's girl and always have been. And so...we're super close too. She told me to put a side a few hundred dollars for Noah's birthday and also for Branden's birthday as well. And she'll send something again at Christmas. But for the rest...she said for me to buy myself something really nice. I'm an only child, her only child and also my dad's only child. : ) They know Noboru and I most certainly don't "need" the money. His income in way more then enough (not a brag). But since I'm their only child. It goes to me. Whether I need it or not. : ) Anyway...thank you mom, I love you.

Saturday night we watched another DVD. That movie Disney made....Tron.

Sunday, our new rug from Nissen came for the genkan area. Love it. The rug for the living room also came however we hated it. It was dreadful. So we sent that back. They're picking it back up this evening. We all just hung home and relaxed Sunday. Sunday evening at 5pm Japan time. My phone rang it was my dad. Would you believe he called me every day while in Denver. I find that super cute. I told you don't "have" to call me every day please don't feel like you have to. Just have fun, is what I kept saying. He I want to update you, plus he felt badly I wasn't there. And so he would regale me everyday with new funny stories about my family. The big dinner at Las Delicious Mexican food restaurant on Friday. How my whole family was there. How big my cousins newest baby had got. I heard it all. The BBQ, they had, his mountain trip. Anyway so he calls me Sunday Japan time around 5pm. And says...I am heading to the airport. He asked how his flight looked. Since he's flying nonrev....a buddy pass. I said looks great, and he left. I checked online in the computer system not available for the public. But for Delta people. I saw when it said "ticket issued"...he was given his ticket at DIA. Huge sigh of relief from me last evening...phew! ; ) And when I woke up this Monday morning...first thing I did before leaving to drop the kids at school and run to the grocery store was check to see if they gave my dad his seat from MN to Narita. Which they did give him, his seat right away. I felt really releived again when I saw that online and then I happily took both the boys to school. I've basically been tracking my dad's flight all day long. : ) The boys both know grandpa is coming back to our side of the world again. And by the looks of it, my dad just landed in Narita. Yay! Though we won't have time to see each other..... he'll go directly to Guam and his next flight is only in 50 short minutes so he has to really quickly move himself from the MN plane/gate to where his next and last flight/gate is. I'm sure he'll be so tired but he'll probably go for a swim at his swimming pool at his condo as soon as he arrives to sort of take the edge of that long flight off. He swims every single day there. : )

And dad, I know you're reading this too. Welcome "home"...I'll be calling you tomorrow as soon as I send both Branden and Noah to school.

What dad said he sent me something from Denver, in the mail. So, I'll be looking for it (I think I already know what it is ; ). And I called my mom today also and we talked for about 30 minutes. We both use skype so it's free. I asked her thoughts on the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama Mildred (Patty) child. Fiasco. And poor Maria Shriver. My mom says she always thought he had a wandering eye and seemed like a womanizer according to my mom from what she has read throughout the years. : ( Then my mom and I moved onto Congressman/Representative Weiner and how he got himself into a bit of trouble by *ahem* showing his weiner! We had a few laugh out loud moments regarding that one. And then we talked about his poor wife who is fiercely private. Works for Hillary Clinton. Yada Yada. And...some of the photos were taken in the congressional gym as his back drop. We both sort of thought taking the photos at the actual congressional gym went a bit too far. She asked about the boys. Asked what Noah wants for his birthday, told me to buy whatever he wants. @_@ I said okay (they have spoiling them type grandparents.... it can't be helped...believe me, I've tried, lol). And then she told me she got her eyebrow wax today (I got that from her : ) And then she said she's going to Las Vegas for a mini 3 night trip soon and will be back July 1st. And I meanwhile told her, we're leaving Japan, July 3rd for a full week and then told her where we're going. This way...if anything happens we know where to get in contact with each other. Which is a good idea.

Anyway I need to get the buffalo wings out of the oven now and start serving supper. More from me tomorrow, I'm sure. : )