Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A bit about a table cloth and an unexpected Costco run

Summer is nearly here, or is here. We will start eating about 99% of all our meals in the kitchen now that the season is so nice and the view of the rice fields are so pretty. Also, slightly weird thing to admit, but I love my table cloth, it's basic and simple but I love it, I found it at Macy's while in Guam last year or maybe 2 years ago. The only thing I dislike is our family often gets food smudges on the table cloth. So I find myself washing it almost daily. Spot treating it...and it's just been driving me a bit bonkers lately. I avoided going down the table cloth aisle completely only because, I like what I already have on my own table. So didn't want to replace it at all. Last week, out of frustration, I walked the table cloth aisle and there was the answer for simple...a plastic clear one, definitely makes sense and why didn't I think of it soonerm oh well. : ) It's a win win, meaning I don't have to switch my table cloth at all either now. Long story short.... it's made eating our nightly dinners so much easier now. Phew. : )
Last week....the day my dad was flying out of Narita and on his way to Denver via Minneapolis MN. Is the day Noboru and I were off visiting some of our friends. We happened to be in the area of the other Costco. You know it wasn't planned. But we just happened to be near there.
1 big pack of tortillas (48 or something inside). Another big box of frozen waffles. And a bag of dinner rolls. It wasn't a whole lot. It was just 3 things...but it was nice to be able to get the things we needed.
We also picked up a whole cheese pizza. Rushed home one day last week. In time to be able to pick up both Branden and Noah. And for dinner that night we had pizza. Noboru ran to the store in the MPV for something while I ran and did the afternoon school pick ups in the red car. But he said should I bring home some soda for tonight's pizza dinner? I said sure.....what kind he said. I said anything is fine.
The four of us all met at home later and....I was thinking he'd bring back 1 bottle maybe 2 at the most. 4 bottles of soda though. Wow. : )

I tell ya, there's always so much going on in our day to day life. May seem small at times. But there's always something. : )