Thursday, June 09, 2011

6 slabs of baby back ribs for this coming Saturday's BBQ

The one thing our family loves the most during the Summer months. Is all the backyard BBQ's we have and plus the slip and slide fun and of course also when we bring out the kids pool (no slip and slide or pool for us this weekend, but bbq for sure). All of those things make us really enjoy being at home in the Summer time and just kicking back in the backyard. Since it's June, we decided to buy some ribs for June and bbq those. We'll buy some at the end of July. I usually order 1 rack/slab each, so order 2, since each order comes with 2 slabs inside anyway. However Noboru said he wanted more ribs, so we ordered a quantity of 3, which brought us 6 slabs total. We were going to BBQ Tuesday but something came up, so we decided to make it for Saturday (tomorrow)
We also bought 2kg of lean ground beef. That way for the month of June, if we want meatballs, chargrilled cheeseburgers or even hamburg. Whatever, we'll have it. I bought potatoes for roasting and corn on the cob for tomorrow. Noah has a "father's observation day" tomorrow. Noboru is going to that with Noah tomorrow morning. And when they both come home around 11:30am. We'll probably laze around some and around 3pm tomorrow start our BBQ. I'm so glad today is Friday. I love and look forward to the weekends so much. : )
And also just wanted to say, thanks dad. Thanks for sending me Mrs. Butterworths. Her syrup is just the best. We love it. And now thanks to you we'll be enjoying the rest of those waffles without worrying if we'll run out of syrup. : ) I laughed when I saw the said..."extremely urgent" on the USPS you chose. I guess we were having a syrup emergency here? Ha ha ha. Anyway thank you dad, you rock! : )