Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday's wild thunderstorm and Uniqlo.

So Tuesday, Noboru was off work that day. And the kids didn't have any extra curriculars that day so we sort of decided a few days before that, that would be our day for going to Uniqlo. So, anyway the day was very warm here in our area of Chiba. Though the sky looked dark all day, with very heavy looking clouds....almost like it would rain at any minute. Though it didn't. So after picking up Noah we came home and waited for the time when Branden would get off school. So, since he got off that day at 3:45pm. We all went to the school pick up area and waited there around 3:20pm. So with Noboru, Noah and myself in the car all of a sudden it started raining. Small little drops at first and then the rain just picked up and up and up. It was by now raining buckets and we could barely see out the front window. All parents were in the lot. And also waiting. Then around 3:35 we got those keitei/cell emails from the school saying they are on a thunderstorm warning and to pick them up from the front of the school now! So, we started the car and basically got ourselves to the front of the school. Which is about 2 blocks away from where we usually pick up the kids from. Where we were just parked when we got emailed by our cells from the school. You can tell which parent also got the message because you could see parents start driving away in droves and some still stood at the place....perhaps some got the message to their phones a bit delayed. We got ours pretty quickly and we we made it to the front of the school.
See this line of cars in front of us? There was an even bigger line of cars behind us! It was raining really crazy. The windshield wipers were on their fastest setting.
The wait was a bit long. But understandably so.
As our cars were coming up the hill and around these flowers to basically make a circle in a culdesac type way. All the teachers stood at the window and some kids shouting who's parents car they see. Luckily I stand out and my red car also stands out. Because they had Branden standing along the side when it was finally our turn to pick up our child.
Given the upcoming picnic this Friday and Wednesday's plan of my going grocery shopping in the day. And plus Noah swims Wednesday evening. It was pretty much known we would make our way to Uniqlo rain or no rain. So to Narita city we went. Still raining buckets by the way. We ran inside the store because we didn't want to be out in the rain any longer then we had to. Once inside we looked for the few items we were looking for. As memory serves, jean shorts for Branden. Qoo shirt for Noah. Polka dot shorts for me and jean shorts for Noboru. You would *not* believe it. They did not have one single thing we were looking for! It was unbelievable! All that way in the rain!!! @_@ We found Branden's shorts. They were sold out in 150cm completely and had a 140cm. We had him try them on anyway. But they were a bit too small. And we don't want him to outgrow them in a day. Or to be uncomfortable and feel restricted or a get a tummy ache with wearing them so we said forget those. We moved on to the Qoo tee. They had it. In every single size, then the size we actually wanted! Go figure. They had it in 110cm too small! They had it in 140 and 150cm. Forget that. We tried a different shirt to check sizes and after checking knew he'd need a 120cm. We even asked if they had any in the back and they didn't. So there that went. Next was Noboru's shorts. They had the plaid shorts but no jean shorts for men at all! Which was a little weird since they're online. @_@ Anyway he tried on a pair of plaid shorts he liked, but they did not have his size. What was with this store? It was really unusual to not at least find 1 thing we were looking for at all? So, last was me. I walked all over the women's department to find the polka dot house/comfy shorts. I walked it twice because I didn't want to ask and then the sales lady show me. And me feeling like wow...I didn't look there. So I wanted to be sure I looked everywhere before asking for help. Even Noboru and the boys looked with me. And we did not find them. Finally Noboru went and asked her. Do you have the black polka dot roomwear shorts for ladies. She looked for them but didn't find them. So she asked another lady working there. And so she went and checked on their computer. And said they get things online first and so they won't be into the store for a few more weeks. We thanked her for her help. And then we basically just decided even if we went to a whole other Uniqlo it wouldn't guarantee us we'd find everything we were looking for. Plus with the heavy rain. Plus with it now about dinner time. We decided it would be smarter for us to just order online. That way we wouldn't be driving from store to store looking for each item. It could be done in one fell swoop. So, we decided to go to Saizeriya for dinner, so we left Uniqlo and headed to dinner. However us going to Uniqlo was not a wasted trip because we at least knew the sizes we needed now. So that was sorta worth us going there anyway.
Noah had pasta, and salad. Branden had pizza and salad and I had pasta and salad. Noboru had some creamy spinach thing, some pasta and a salad as well. We all had the drink bar. Then we stopped into Naritaya on the way home. I ran in by myself while they waited in the car. I picked up some Juices 20%, so more like a water then a juice. Anyway I picked up peach juice, apple, grape and some Chorus water and milk. And left. It was now just barely sprinkling rain. The rain was growing lighter and lighter. We made it home. Everyone took showers and Branden didn't have any homework. The boys went to sleep. And I stood awake watching something I forget. But Noboru and I did order the things from Uniqlo online though. They should be here May 22nd.
I'm still at it. Tuesday I was #1. However as of this morning I am knocked to a different spot and rank. And my numbers are different/fitness minute have changed/increased too. Then what is pictured.

What else. Still loving Glee. I'm also really into Mad Men. Cold Case. Grey's Anatomy. Dexter is getting really interesting. America's Next Top Model. And the Jersey Shore season 3 is getting good.

About the comments. And blogger problems.:( It's now fixed for mostly everyone and back to normal. However if you look at the blogger buzz. It says that for people with "a lot of content" meaning lots of pictures etc. It will take a little longer. And since my blog is very heavy with photos. I'm assuming my comments if they come back on that Golden Week bits and pieces post. Will take a bit longer then everyone else's just because my blog is so heavy with photos. So, anyway that's an update.